Zidane's dream team

How new team is the dream of Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid coach now? Not too hard to figure out 11 names in his team but the French military rulers are and want. By actually Zidane has also repeatedly referred to them.

Zidane wants 3
Dream Team coach Zidane at Real (Image Source: Internet)

Dream Team coach Zidane at Real

It was goalkeeper Courtois, defenders Hakimi, Ramos, Varane and Mendy. The trio consists defender Casemiro, Valverde and Paul Pogba. Meanwhile, three players in attack as Mbappe, Kane and Hazard. As assessed by Zidane, this team brings a balance in both defense and attack.

Thus, 8 of the 11 names listed above are on the payroll of Real Madrid, including Achraf defender Hakimi - who are playing a very prominent color shirt Dortmund on loan. Only 3 players that "Zizou" to dream. It was United's Paul Pogba, Harry Kane Tottenham and PSG star payroll - Kylian Mbappe.

Thus, Zinedine Zidane requirements as set out leaders Real Madrid need to recruit three players in summer 2020 fair here: Paul Pogba, Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe. But whatever the name, this is none of the transfers "blockbuster", and not easy to accomplish.

Zidane at Real Madrid coach long enough to know that, only one season does not reap good results, he fully risk being fired. Right this moment the chair of "Zizou" is not sustainable. According to AS, Real are expected to wait until the 2019/20 season when closing down the curtain to the future of Zidane.

Specifically, if the team Royal Spanish pocket a title, legendary French will continue to be in the Bernabeu finish to the 2022 contract and if that happens - Zidane continues to lead Real, he wanted to have three names mentioned above.

Tycoons have not ratified?

But this is indeed a little too-range requirements, in the context of Real Madrid are influenced heavily from the pandemic Covid-19. Three business "blockbuster" is expected to consume 400 million funds in euros, even over 500 million euros.

Zidane wants 3
President Perez unable pm Zidane (Image Source: Internet)

President Perez unable pm Zidane

CIES Football Observatory follow, Mbappe currently over 250 million euro valuation. Kane is in the price range of 120-150 million euros, and Pogba, too. The total assessed value of the trio even about 550 million euros.

But according to Transfermarkt, Mbappe, Kane and Pogba has a total value of 380 million euro valuation. Of these, alone can cost up to 180 Mbappe million euros, with 120 million euros Kane and Pogba 80 million euros. However, figures on the negotiating table would probably be higher.

These are goals that Real Madrid forward. President Florentino Perez themselves are all advocated building Milky Bernabeu 3.0 for the home side. However, in a transfer can take all three names is almost impossible in present circumstances.

Real Madrid used to create Summer 2009 transfer window extremely crazy. Meanwhile, President Perez earned Real version Galacticos 2.0 of Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Alonso ... But at this time, the potential strength of the team Royal Spanish has weakened because of pandemic Covid-19.

Thus, still according to AS, President Perez requirements Zidane coach must choose one of three names mentioned above as the main target, before thinking about buying off the rest in the next transfer window. Most likely people are "Zizou" choose to send in gold is Harry Kane. Because attacking "white vultures" are really having problems, and Kane was expected to immediately fix the problem was to Real Madrid.