One year ago, I was on November 29, 2019, Arsenal decided to fire Coach Unai Emery after a loss against 1-2 against Frankfurt at Europa League. This is an estimated outcome before more than 1 month, "Gunners" do not know about victory, whether in the Premier League, Europa League or League Cup.

Arsenal lost 1-2 before Wolves in the 10th grade of 2020/21

After nearly a month of searching, the Board of Directors Emirates decided to appoint Mikel Arteta, Pep Guardiola's assistant and also the former team player on the coach chair. Although it was a "new soldier" but the Spanish teacher was still highly appreciated.

However, all was "a trick" with Arsenal fans. They have to witness the worsted pet team in the past 46 years when they earn only 13 points / 10 rounds and ranked 14/20 attendance teams. Compared to the same period last season (round 10), Unai Emery helped Arsenal earn 16 points and ranked 5th on the rankings.

It's hard to believe, the team from making the winding rain in the Premier League has only 10 goals / matches, not equal to half of the three lead teams (Tottenham: 21 goals, Liverpool and Chelsea: 22 goals). Of course, the person responsible for this tragedy is still Mikel Arteta and far rather than Arsenal leadership.

Former Arsenal players, Martin Keown once frankly indicated that Mikel Arteta was building Arsenal in a unstable way when he continuously turned the squad. Rarely, people see the Spanish teacher retaining the squad to play in 2 consecutive matches. This creates instability and hard-to-sublimation players.

Wrong Arsenal ranked 14th Premier League: Mistake when studying MU - Chelsea?
Mikel Arteta is showing an inexperience on the coach bench (Photo source: Internet)

Mikel Arteta is showing an inexperience on coach benches

But Arsenal also has a more serious problem. It is poorly competitive. "Gunners" almost don't know how to "turn on" when letting the opponent score in advance. They often rush but lack of determination in the final situations. This is also the weakness of Arteta when it cannot help students calm down when necessary.

The problem lies in the spiritual experience of the Spanish teacher, so it is also normal. The leadership Arsenal played an overdanged flag when he studied MU and Chelsea, appointing the former team player.

Lampard is at least experienced with Derby County and Chelsea are still playing very well under the British teacher. "The Blues" are always in the top 4 competing group since this season. Solskjaer is not necessarily doing well with MU but at least the Norwegian teacher succeeds in the transfer market.

Meanwhile, Arteta is showing weakness in every way. If not soon improved, the Spanish teacher's outcome was probably like his predecessor.