Diego Maradona's departure is really a shocking information for the football world in particular and the entire sports village in general. Maradona's influence and greatness are indisputable. Therefore, world media is especially focused on this event.

World press mourner
Reuters sharing about the affection that the whole world is for Maradona (Photo source: Internet)

Reuters shared about the affection but the whole world for Maradona

Reuters news agency showed melbarity with the article "World Football Merciful for Maradona's greatness". The affectionate aggregate article Maradona received in Argentina's hometown. With his wars, "the yellow boy" makes millions of people cry after the departure of age 60.

In Buenos Aires, people begin to pour out the way to wear this loss. All were gathered in the San Andres neighborhood, where he lived. The Argentina government announced to take 3 days for Maradona. President Alberto Fernandez also affirmed on Twitter individuals: "He took us to the top of the world and made us extremely happy. He was the greatest person. Thank you for our side, Diego . We remember him all their lives. "

Pope Francis, an Argentinian and also believers of the sphythan village who remembers Maradona in his prayers at the Vatican. At Buenos Aires subway stations, all digital billboards have run the words: "Gracias Diego" (Thank you, Diego).

On the outskirts of Villa Crespo, the song "La Mano de Dios" of singer Rodrigo Bueno rang out on all the roads, the song was associated with the goal that Maradona scored by his hand in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the table Win dubbed the "Lord's hand". In Argentina, Maradona has long been fetish as "El Dios".

Like Reuters, ESPN felt very painful with the departure of a legend. This news page has asked a question "Why is Maradona fetish?". The article shared about the great things that "yellow boy" did in his football career.

Above all, the author said, Diego Maradona will be remembered as one of the greatest legends of football, the most unique genius of the sport "king".

Skysports reported on the respect of Pele for Maradona

Skysports quoted the legendary Pele in the article: "Pele's honor for Diego Maradona: I hope one day will be played with him in the sky".

The GOAL page raised a series of articles to see the great man of the world football, which stands out is the article "Maradona has left, but the legend of Diego will be immortal." The author still does not believe Maradona has left and affirmed that everything is simply written words, and the legend we love still forever.

Obviously, every attention of the media now poured into the departure of the Argentine football legend. World football will always remember Maradona with great respect and all will always pray for him to be happy in another world, which he deserves to receive with his great career.