English football has had a hugely successful plays matches in the Champions League. Wednesday evening, Manchester United won 5-0 while Chelsea bold Leipzig also threw Krasnodar 4-0, two billion of bold shows this team is not the opponent can make Manchester United & Chelsea must fear.

World Cup Premier League win C1: 4 big topping, record 14 goals jubilantly
Manchester United won a 5-0 victory to complete Leipzig jubilant weekly auction of Premier League teams (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United won a 5-0 victory to complete Leipzig jubilant weekly auction of Premier League teams

But besides that Liverpool and Manchester City also won important victories, the former champions Liverpool Midtjylland caused many difficulties, but eventually left the field with a 2-0 win thanks to the brilliance of Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Meanwhile Manchester City no difficulty with a different former King is Marseille, firing three goals from three different players at the Velodrome.

A total of 14 goals scored by the representative of the Premier League after the 2nd round had while neither team conceded. Even if we include plays the first match, the English team is a total difference of best countries contributed 4 representatives, a total of 20 goals scored and just two goals conceded. Liverpool and Chelsea are keeping a clean sheet but United are at Barcelona are the best team scored more goals (7), and Manchester City and Bayern Munich & Atalanta are prolific scorers Monday (6).

After 2 plays the first match, both the 4 teams in the Champions League Premier League are leading their league. Man City won all 2 game to head Group C and the same thing happened in Group D & H with the leading position in the hands of Liverpool and Manchester United. Chelsea top of Group E but also stand they have drawn one match against Sevilla and just stood over defending champion team by more than offsets the Europa League.

Liverpool lack of troops but kept clean and victorious after 2 matches

An impressive 4 team is Manchester United, they fall into the league is considered the most difficult of the tournament this year with PSG and anticipatory Leipzig. MU but not the table but also led directly to defeat both, one side is the reigning European runners and the other team has reached the semifinals last year. Both winners of MU are very convincing and sexism tactics from coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Man City although quite breathable stone table but they still have to play pretty hard to beat Porto before "salad" in Marseille. Liverpool less impressive, they beat Ajax own goal only by 1 and half to 2 new Midtjylland to be thrown, but two wins came in the context of constantly losing at Liverpool defense that kept a clean sheet. Chelsea less impressive because they were pretty struggled Sevilla.

The surprise is the restaurant of the 4 big Premier League are not among the team's best finish, MU wide variety of solutions while 8th 10th Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City 18 27. But the 4 teams are in the top 8 clubs enemy was stopped at least from the beginning of the Man City team in the lead, Liverpool 6th and 8th Chelsea, Manchester United also ranked 16th but mainly because the game against PSG.

Among the other big guns, only Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the first since the triumph and defending champion Bayern has struggled at Lokomotiv Moscow. Barca have confirmed their position with a 2-0 win over Juventus, but they will also be looked at with skeptical eyes because they won a Juventus-not-Ronaldo, and bad things about Barca in the C1 Cup years have occurred in the knockout stages.