Hakim Ziyech's performance at Chelsea

Technical technology development causes football today to focus on collecting player action data on the field to serve the recruitment, training and tactical planning. Liverpool is a particularly successful team thanks to data research with a team of experts hired for many years and brought about unimaginative contracts like Andy Robertson or Georginio Wijnaldum.

Why Chelsea comes to
Ziyech new to Chelsea and stone has 7 matches but has been a top-sized phase creation expert (source: Internet)

Ziyech went to Chelsea and stones with 7 matches but was a top-sized texting expert

Recently the WysCout statistics page has published a statistical chart of players with the number of passes that lead to the most premier League goal. This is a concept that is strangely ear with some people: In addition to goals and tectors (the pass leads to the goal), there is a statistics for the pass on the ball to the man created.

The ice hockey has even the concept of "hockey creation" to talk about such types of passes, but football has long had a statistics for that to find good players in the seamless stage Public and distribution ball. Paul Pogba can make a perfect long pass to the legs Antoine Griezmann so that Griezmann passes to Olivier Giroud to score, but statistics still only creative to Griezmann but leave Pogba.

WysCout's statistics, with the demands for players who must play at least four Premier League matches from the beginning of the season or more, ranked Chelsea's Hakim Ziyech in the lead position. Ziyech had 3 assists for Chelsea after 7 matches, but his hockey creation was equally impressive due to the ability to coordinate with Mason Mount and Reece James, these two players everyone had 2 tectagers from the beginning. season.

Why Chelsea comes to
Lo Celso and NationBele are the most frequent balls for Kane - Son of Tottenham (Photo source: Internet)

Lo Celso and NationBele are the most frequent balls for the Kane - Son of Tottenham

Tanguy Ndombele has actually revived under Jose Mourinho and he occupied the second place in the following list of Ziyech, an important part of Ndombele's effect, which was the ability to break down before passing for Harry Kane, Son Heung Min or Sergio Reguilon. Not only NDOMBELE, Top 5 lists also have Giovani Lo Celso is also another Spurs player benefiting from Kane's Premier League leader, even though CELSO and NDOMBELE are only 1 direct creation.

The remaining two positions in the top 5 are Liverpool's Naby Keita and James Rodriguez of Everton. Many Keita's tectonic hockey lines are for Andy Robertson or Trent Alexander-Arnold next to passes to the trio of Firmino - Salah - Mane striker. James is similar, he offers balls for both Lucas Digne and Alex Iwobi created a goal next to the shadow pump for Richarlison & Calvert-Lewin duo.

Why Chelsea comes to
James & Keita confronts each other while in the Bundesliga. Now they are the leading Premier League midfielder (Photo source: Internet)

James & Keita confronts each other while in the Bundesliga. Now they are the leading Premier League midfielder

At the rest of the Top 10, Newcastle's Javi Manquillo suddenly stood still quite high despite being a defender, not midfielder as the players above. The next position is Nathan Redmond (Southampton), Bukayo Saka (Arsenal), Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) and Jonjo Shelvey (Newcastle). Fred was MU's highest player in 11th place due to regular silhouettes for Bruno Fernandes, and Manchester City Joao Cancelo ranked 12th.