Arsenal continued to sink crisis deeply with a 0-1 defeat against Burnley right at home at the 12th Premier League. The only goal of the match comes from Aubameyang's net counter. However, XHAKA is considered a crime of "Gunners" with extremely criminal red cards.

Why Arsenal strangles opponents with red cards: Fans are angry for chase, coach Arteta pressed
Xhaka was red card because of its opponent's neck (Photo source: Internet)

Xhaka gets red cards because of its opponent's neck

The situation occurred in the 56th minute when Xhaka rubbed with McNeil on Burnley. After that, Arsenal's midfielder had a way to strangle another player from Westwood. After consulting Var, the referee Graham Scott decided to withdraw the Red Card for the Swiss player, causing Arsenal to play with 10 people for more than 30 minutes.

Speaking about the red card of the student after the match, Arteta coach was angry, "absolutely unacceptable. Xhaka made mistakes, our superiority at that time ... It was a match that we obviously had to win but you gave opponents a chance to win with 10 people.

That's right, that action is unacceptable but that's because they are very willing to do more, fight more, and Xhaka have exceeded the limit. We can't make that mistake because it's a wrong approach to us. "

Meanwhile, many Arsenal fans have criticized Xhaka on social networks because the red card is unnecessary. A fans written on Twitter: "Xhaka. He has no mind. Must be a red card. As if we weren't enough, fighting by placing my hand on the neck of an enemy player. I really started with this team. " Another person wrote: "Xhaka is a stupid clown without cure. Hope this is his last match #xhakaout. "

Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra did not hesitate to sarcast Xhaka after the match. In the interview on Sky Sports, the former French player revealed that Thierry Henry, Arsenal's legend and also his friend, turned off the TV when he saw Xhaka carrying the captain's "Gunners".

Evra said: "We are talking about Xhaka, I will tell you a brief story. Thierry Henry, one day he invited me to his house. He said 'Patrice came here, we will watch Arsenal's match'. He turned on the TV, the first image we saw on the screen Xhaka was walking to the yard with the armband.

Henry turned off the television. I said: 'What's wrong?' He said: 'I can't see my team and Xhaka is the captain of my team' and we didn't watch the game, we started talking about many things and he turned off the television. We criticized Nicolas Pepe very much but Xhaka, this is not the first time. "

Failure to Burnley made Arsenal continue to sink deep on the English Premier League rankings. Currently, the army of coach Arteta fell to 15th place with 13 points behind 12 rounds.