Roberto Assis Ronaldinho and his brother to jail for 32 days for using a false passport entry into Paraguay. Until the beginning of April, after the lawyers paid $ 1.6 million bail, the judge signed the order for the new Amarilla Gustavo duo bail.

What surprises Ronaldinho said after 32 days in prison and under house arrest?
Ronaldinho thanks to those who watched him (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldinho thanks to those who watched him

Ronaldinho and his brother currently under house arrest at the hotel in Paraguay Palmaroga pending trial. The investigation could last for 6 months and during this process, they are still at risk of return to prison. Pandemic Covid-19 also makes the process more lengthy investigation. During this period, Ronaldinho had an interview with Mundo Deportivo newspaper Spain.

PV: Barcelona has helped him. He has read the message of fans on social networks?

Ronaldinho: Barcelona has always treated me with so much love and respect. I thank you with all my heart because of the message and feelings you have for me.

Puyol seems very interested in him, then the message from former teammates like Ronaldo to continuity. Do you know how your beloved does not?

The relationship that we have a very special period in Barcelona together, how beautiful, with all those who have accompanied me in football adventure. I became a player for love with this profession. They know I'm in a difficult situation. That wording is very important to me and it will help me soon overcome this storm soon.

Do you want to say something to those who are watching you?

I thank you with all my heart.

Do you know the hotel Palmaroga owned by corporations Barcelona? A fate that right. What do you miss about Barcelona? One city, one club always admired and loved him very much.

I know. Certainly I and Barcelona will always have each other. There always is my second home. That is the greatest club and the fans here are always in my heart.

Football is the most amazing vehicles, where, too, with him now what?

Football everywhere. It especially is really an extraordinary thing. It always opens the door for me, even in those moments when things become difficult or even deadlock ... it brought me to Barcelona and help my dream come true.

What surprises Ronaldinho said after 32 days in prison and under house arrest?
England have not updated anything about Barca? He saw their season how? (Image Source: Internet)

England have not updated anything about Barca? He saw their season how?

We are living in a pandemic that whenever she thought of it made me think about next season. The commitment is still there. So long no matches, just imagine the stadium empty and could not find the energy from the crowd ... We will have to adapt to the new normal state. Speaking of business administration, I do not specialize, but efforts will need to be larger to keep the club at this level.

Where football is celebrating his most memorable with Barca?

With me everything about Barca are beautiful. The championship mystery and magic of the game. An incredible memories.

If there is something that makes him human, it must be passionate and his smile both on and off the pitch. He has never lost that?

Things were not always easy, but I always try to put passion into what I do best: play soccer. I'm just sad that I can not make others happy. Fortunately, the 20-year career I met very few injuries.

His daily life in the hotel like? We know there are times they do barbeque for me ... I have not been treated well?

We were treated so well at the hotel Palmaroga. Everything we requested were provided. They do everything in the most pleasant way possible. It has been 60 days already. People would think that everything will turn out when I do not get to do things most familiar. This complex experience will always be there, for anyone who has ever experienced, I think so.

He could not play football here?

We play sports almost daily. There is a gym we can in practice, everything is designed for us.

What about the crisis called coronavirus?

I hope things will soon return to normal and we will soon return home. Hopefully everything will return as before.