Solskjaer precede difficult choice between continuing trust a De Gea lost form or matter of "supernumerary" Sergio Romero in the second last round nature decide the ticket to the Champions League next season in the Premiership Brother. In the press conference before the game against West Ham, Solsa had received many questions De Gea related, but the Norwegian teacher had avoided replying to push pressure from his pupil.

West Ham United match press conference: Solskjaer told about De Gea surprise
De Gea getting two serious mistakes in the game against Chelsea (Image Source: Internet)

De Gea getting two serious mistakes in the game against Chelsea

"The spirit of David stable enough to know that his job is to show their best on the training ground and get ready for the game. His work is the discussion of and writing about these things, but my job is to prepare a squad for the game against West Ham, "said Solsa.

"We will not talk about individuals in this session because no one deserved the feeling we're putting pressure on them. Today will not be a press conference De Gea on, we will stand together and to try ".

In another development, Eric Bailly midfielder will be out of the game against West Ham after head trauma encountered in the game against Chelsea. Ivory Coast players had a night stay in a London hospital and has returned to the club on Monday. To ensure safety, Bailly will not be registered to play at West Ham.

"Eric has stayed in London for tests. I did not meet him yesterday but he has complied with all the necessary procedures. I do not think he will be ready for this match, but I have not met him again this morning. Besides that, all the rest are okay ", Solsa share.

Solsa also urged the players to stand up after the first defeat in 20 matches in all arenas: "When you lose a game, of course you will be in pain and frustration, but you have to focus on what happen next. Failure is not the sky falling, just the end of the dream and the FA Cup final. The need to do now is the next game. "

Even when the Champions League can not follow the Premier League, Manchester United can still hope slip straight into the group stage of a club tournament in Europe with the Europa League champions. Solsa still expressed confidence in the appeal of the club on the transfer market: "I think everyone can see that we are in the journey forward something better. It lies in our hands. "

Meanwhile, in a speech recently, manager David Moyes West Ham has reignited talk about his former club Manchester United and that the only difference between him and Solskjaer is he "was not given enough time to prove itself ".