The most important turning point in losing to Tottenham 1-6 carpet, that's Anthony Martial red card. And of course, this is a subject to be coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær most mentioned during the press conference.

War of MU - Tottenham: Solskjaer demanding pursuit Lamela, Mourinho responded extremely harsh
Tottenham play than people with a red card for Martial (Image Source: Internet)

Tottenham play than people with a red card for Martial

Military rulers Norwegians shared with the British media: "My emotions are a little confused. I'm glad Martial not lay off the pitch after rough first with Lamela. If not, then perhaps Lamela was the one red card. He has nudges Martial neck. Really do not do it. Martial also wrong when retaliation ".

Coach Solskjaer shocking to say that he will kick Lamela, players were "Coffee terms" making Martial receiving a red card, "Lamela lay out and seemed in pain, but got up only 5 seconds later when the referee red card for Martial. Really no different joke. my son that so I will confine it and only eat bread and drink water in 2 weeks. "

But Mourinho always know how to protect his players in the sparring with opponents. "The special" Solskjaer to fire back that MU would have ended up with only 8 players, rather than 10.

ESPN quoted Mourinho: "I can not be observed clearly in the shadow phase. But I insisted Manchester United may have to finish the match with 8 people for the same action."

A little soothing former team, "The Special One" added: "But really, the referees should not be a red card for Martial because it kills MU. We are very confident in the game today and won win. However, everything is much easier when we are playing better person. "

Solskjaer coach took responsibility for his

After all, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has claimed responsibility for her. Manchester United captain admitted, this is the worst day in his coaching career. Bitter truth when the old man's side lost, at home with the score 1-6.

Coach Solskjaer finalize press conference her: "It is almost unacceptable. Today is the worst day. I can not say anything more. When you have a failure like this, you have to look at yourself in mirror. it was my fault, and it is not Manchester United but we still know ".