Juventus and Napoli match between the framework of Serie A Round 3 has officially been canceled after Napoli visitors are not present at the Allianz. Currently, representatives of the organizing committee of Serie A and Napoli have not made an official announcement.

War Juventus - Napoli canceled, Serie A stunned Covid-19
The Allianz Juventus player to pitch in preparation for round 3 Serie A rivals Napoli but absent (Image Source: Internet)

The Allianz Juventus player to pitch in preparation for round 3 Serie A rivals Napoli but absent

Thursday 6, Napoli confirm 2 player Piotr Zielinski, Elif Elmas and one employee of the club has Covid-19 infection. Remarkably before 1 week, teachers Gattuso played against Genoa, the team recorded 22 cases Covid-19, so ASL - health authorities locally banned whole team Napoli leave City to Turin in order to avoid the risk wide area of ​​infection.

As a rule, the matches in Serie A was delayed while 1 in 2 teams are not guaranteed a minimum 13 healthy players (including one goalkeeper). Test results showed that more than 13 Naples still afford players off the pitch.

Speaking during a press conference, Chairman of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli proved extremely urgent and criticized Napoli does not comply with the general regulations on prevention Covid-19: "We are here to express their views and need clear answers.

Regulations on 1 or 2 cases of infection Covid-19 players in the day of the game had. Naples is not the only team with two cases Covid-19, Juventus also fall into the same situation yesterday but still ready to play, the same is Milan or Torino ".

With Napoli not to play, most likely will be treated Juventus won 3-0.

No visitors are present, the risk match canceled

Whether it's time to play, the visitors Napoli have yet to play. Earlier, representatives of teachers and students Napli confirm Gattuso will not be able to travel to Turin. Naples reason government does not allow them to leave the locality after the two players on the payroll Covid-19 infection.

However the statement Juventus will play as planned and received support from the organizers Serie statement. As a rule, the maximum match postponed just 45 minutes before officially canceled, while Napoli will lose the 0-3.

Interesting contest of wills Pirlo - Gattuso

In Round 3 Serie A, coach Pirlo will stand the test really big, when faced Napoli is playing very well. The match wits with a close comrade-old Gennaro Gattuso is also an opportunity to show bravery coach Pirlo before doubts about his coaching ability.

Ronaldo continues to be the detonator was waiting at War Juventus - Napoli

Opportunity to Morata scored

A very notable names in the great battle between Juventus and Napoli. That's Álvaro Morata. The return of the "Prince of Madrid" has not attracted the attention of fans. But there is also the advantage of Morata. Just given the chance, the striker once shone in Serie A period 2014 - 2016 will again cause all to praise.

History named Juventus

In the past, two teams have met 49 times total in all competitions with the advantage in favor of the "Old Lady". Allianz field team has 25 wins, 10 draws and lost 14 matches as against Napoli.

Napoli very uncomfortable

With 6 points and a terrible scoring performance, not surprising Napoli reigning at the top of Serie A. And if teachers and students Gattuso retains a wonderfully performances on the pitch of the reigning enemy, Napoli certainly will cause a lot of difficulties for Juventus, even brought 3 points out.

Napoli's attack can flourish, but defense was the fulcrum for the success of our visitors Naples area. Ignoring transfer rumors, and Manolas Koulibaly duo showed great food ideas. Their midfield is also very interesting place by the second goal in the match was the last in turn comes from the position of Lozano, INSIGNE or Mertens.