Polls sold at the Nou Camp

Dated 07.18.2015, President-elect Josep Bartomeu Barcelona chair chairman, won 54.63% of votes, while the runner - Joan Laporta former president was only 33.03%. The two remaining candidates Toni Freixa and Augusti is Benedito has a much lower number of votes.

War in Barca kingship:
President Bartomeu made Barca 6 members of the board to resign (Image Source: Internet)

President Bartomeu made Barca 6 members of the board to resign

Barcelona is 5 years with numerous events. The tenure of President Bartomeu will last until March 6/2021. At least in theory, but with the current crisis, according to the newspaper Marca revealed, most likely there will be a vote earlier than the period of 1 year.

According to the source, most likely in the summer of this year, the board of Barcelona will again vote to dispose chair club president. The reason is because many members of the council want to take former President back Nou Camp president Joan Laporta. Again Laporta's main rival in the race Bartomeu in most power chairs Origin team Catalunya.

Former president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta recently he also called on the board of Origin team Catalunya should organize an election in the summer of this year. Laporta says he witnessed the heartbreaking when successive defeats in the club's UEFA Champions League arena, as well as the scandal at the upper current Barca.

In the first term operating Blaugrana, Laporta has made many right plan to help for his side Catalunya reap countless honors, including the bringing Messi to the center of the team and appoint Pep Guardiola replaced Frank Rijkaard.

Joan Laporta former president ever football experts highly appreciated. Johan Cruyff's legendary attempt in 2015 even declared: "Laporta did not regain the position of President will be a defeat of Barca".

Dybala wild card

Though Barcelona was in the scandal, but Josep Bartomeu incumbent President did not intend to let go of this power chair. According to El Pais, President Bartomeu is clearly showing the desired reform leaders Barcelona and have no intention to resign.

War in Barca kingship:
Dybala has a good relationship with Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Dybala has a good relationship with Messi

Bartomeu want to purge those who "betrayed him" to purify the team at the Nou Camp. Moreover, the incumbent president of Barca also want to achieve success in season 2020/21 to pedal, helping his re-election in polls scheduled for summer 2021 sale.

Accordingly, Josep Bartomeu estimated chairman Paulo Dybala recruited to please captain Lionel Messi, Barcelona and brought back to the championship race as well as La Liga Champions League next season. Dybala contract with Juventus still valid until summer 2022, but "Little Messi" is expected to break up this team.

Earlier news Juventus struggling to retain its brightest star. According to Tuttosport, Juventus would suggest Paulo Dybala contract extension and the Argentine will receive income only just lost Cristiano Ronaldo at the Turin club.

Specifically, the new contract will last Dybala to 2024 and the new salary of 12 million euros / season while superstar Ronaldo is receiving 30 million euros / season. However, Dybala not really excited about the plans of Turin.

Remember in the summer of 2019, the star was born in 1993 to want to leave Juventus. The striker has even conducted negotiations with Manchester United and Tottenham. However, coach Sarri and leaders Juventus successfully persuaded 26 players remain. This year, things might change.