According to the announcement has been the European Football Federation (UEFA) announced, the referee began the second leg of the Champions League 1/8 round between Barcelona and Napoli was cüneyt çakır. Referring to the king this black coat, much of cule will not forget the horrifying memories of one year ago.

War C1 Cup Barca - Naples: Real holding relatives referee whistle, Messi tremor?
The referee Çakır not bring sympathy for Messi and his teammates (Image Source: Internet)

The referee Çakır not bring sympathy for Messi and his teammates

Accordingly, he was the one who picked Çakır whistle semifinals last season's Champions League second leg between Liverpool and Barca. Date 05/08/2019, Barca travel to the Liverpool area with absolute confidence in victory. They have the advantage too big, with a 3-0 win in the first leg at the Nou Camp.

Yet, this is the "nightmare" of Catalunya Spain when the team failed to receive shame 0-4 and was eliminated in the bitter, spectacular. After a historic comeback at Anfield, coach Jürgen Klopp has teachers and students to win tickets to the finals with Tottenham and then crowned champion.

Apart from Liverpool, Barca did not even know that wins in 2 matches before match referee Çakır impressive in the Champions League. Specifically, the former King Air Lyon 0-0 in La Liga 2018/19 season, as well as air-Chelsea 1-1 in season 2017/18.

The referee Çakır capital is not unfamiliar names. Even Turkish referee it ever leave and repeatedly scandalous favoritism Real. Many times this arbitration decision creating notoriety and good for Real Madrid. That's when his red card for Nani in the match between Manchester United and Real 2013.

Mr. Çakır also made the fans angry Bayern and Juventus in the decision is said to be biased Real in the Champions League season 2017/18.

But still have sweet memories related to the Catalunya cüneyt çakır referee. 2015 "black king" who was arrested Turkish main battle between Barca's Champions League final against Juventus.

On Olympiastadion (Berlin), giants Catalunya defeated Italian football giants 3-1, room brought traditional silver trophy at Camp Nou Champions League Wednesday the club's history. One other positive information as of 9 matches by Mr. Çakır control, the hosts Camp Nou lost only 1 time.

War C1 Cup Barca - Naples: Real holding relatives referee whistle, Messi tremor?
Cüneyt çakır arbitration is considered a "real body" - rivals Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Cüneyt çakır arbitration is considered a "real body" - rival Barca

For Napoli, they had sad memories with referee Cuneyt Çakır. In the second leg round of 16 Champions League season 2016/17 by Mr. Çakır major catch, field team Real Madrid's San Paolo has been buffeted with the score 1-3 (2-6 after two matches respectively) and to break up the football. Calculate, 6 times he Çakır hold the whistle, Napoli won only 2 games.

At 2am the next day 9/8 (Hanoi time), a contest between Barcelona and Napoli will be controlled by the referee Turks. Besides the referee Cuneyt Çakır, 2 Bahattin Duran linesman's and Tarik Ongun. Hamit Umut MELER arbitrator Wednesday, while two referees and Ali Mete Kalkavan Palabiyik will charge VAR room.

In turn, Naples and Barcelona 1-1 on Italian soil. Mertens opened the scoring in minute 30 with a blockbuster, while Griezmann was the establishment of representative equalized for Spain. In this leg, Barca are still the team to be appreciated than rivals, but not easy to concretize their ambitions in the Champions League quarter-finals 2019/20.