Juventus have experienced a turbulent period, with 2 matches distress before AC Milan and Atalanta. In that period, "the Old Lady" earned only 1 point right. Yet the remaining teams of Serie A did not know how to utilize the opportunity.

Verdict Soccer Sassuolo - Juventus: Ronaldo sublimation,
Juventus are afraid of playing attacking team (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus are afraid of playing attacking team

This round, the difficulty was not yet over for coach Maurizio Sarri because they have to do on the field of Sassuolo capital guest is playing very uplifting. The home has 4 consecutive wins and unbeaten in recent 6 games. In it, just beat Lazio Sassuolo or split point on the pitch Inter Milan 3-3.

Team coach Roberto De Zerbi play extremely unpredictable and sometimes willing to work with all the team. Meanwhile, Juventus now very afraid of the attacking team. Anyone seen "Old Lady" was how miserable the 2nd half against Milan and Atalanta both previous matches - the audacious attacking team when confronted Juventus.

It should be emphasized that, Sassuolo owns very dangerous in attack, with 59 goals in 32 matches have passed, only 8 goals Juventus poor. Only 7 games after translation Covid-19, attack Sassuolo has scored 18 goals. But this time the reason Sassuolo only ranked No. 8, which is by the home defense and the worst kind when received 54 goals.

Therefore, the goal will be Sassuolo fat prey to the attack of Juventus. After criticism from the teacher must receive Sarri, Cristiano Ronaldo is playing extremely effective in the past period. 6 recent games, single game CR7 also opened fire with a total of 7 goals and 2 is created.

Thus, Ronaldo unleashed a great breakthrough. At this time, the Portuguese superstar has 28 goals in Serie A, just less striker is leading the race scorer was Ciro Immobile 1 phase set right again. CR7 is adamant want this trophy, after the failure of last season.

Verdict Soccer Sassuolo - Juventus: Ronaldo sublimation,
Superstar Ronaldo is in good form (Image Source: Internet)

Superstar Ronaldo is in good form

Achievement confrontation shows almost absolute dominance of Juventus Sassuolo. In three previous seasons, "Old Lady" triumph in all 6 games, which won the first leg and the second leg. Sarri this year as coach to lead, Juventus are teetering slightly and to Sassuolo drew the first leg. But in the current context, it is difficult to Sassuolo blocking the advance of the defending champion.

Before entering the ring 33, the gap between the team behind Juventus with up to 8 points. So, it's hard to believe that Ronaldo and his teammates will drop points this match.

Prediction: 0-2