Premiership went to sprint, and this time each game like a final against the team. Morning 1/7, Manchester United beat Brighton 3-0, Chelsea made the heat on his neck. If armies of coach Frank Lampard does not have good results at West Ham, they may pay dearly.

Verdict football West Ham - Chelsea: fiery London derby, Manchester United fear
Chelsea (white shirt) might face difficulties over West Ham (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea (white shirt) might face difficulties over West Ham

Anyway Chelsea comeback also had impressive post-pandemic Covid-19 won all 3 games while. "The Blues" beat Manchester City and Leicester, it is possible to do the same at West Ham tomorrow morning. At this time, the confidence is present in the Chelsea players.

Chelsea's opponents West Ham - team No less thirsty. Even, one can say West Ham have been teetering on the same road. So derby between East London home side with the west London promises guests will be extremely attractive.

Army forces under coach David Moyes has comeback post-pandemic Covid-19 extremely poorly, losing both matches and 2 can not be scored. Should know, that is 9th failure in 14 games "The Hammers" is led by former Manchester United captain.

This poor performance has led West Ham still stalled at No. 17 and in points with 3 teams relegated team. East London club from relegation out only sub-index only. So, here is the "prey" too good for Chelsea towards victory.

But that does not mean Chelsea will have an easy game. In turn, teachers Frank Lampard unexpectedly defeated West Ham 0-1 at home. Calculated by extension, "The Blues" only won 1, drawn 2 and lost 2 of 3 this season encounter opponents.

Especially, 5 guest recent seasons as West Ham, Chelsea only won 1, drawn 1 and lost 3 matches. So, visitors are not permitted subjective. Need to say more about the possibility of Chelsea kick away from the start in 2020 until now is also unstable when he only won 3, drawn 3 and lost 1 matches. In particular, they have lost at Newcastle and draw at Bournemouth is also easy to identify unexpected results against West Ham.

However, under David Moyes, the West Ham not only poor but also attacked lousy defense. They lost 3 of 6 home games with the Scot and also conceding a single game. So Chelsea are excited to diversity in attack completely enough to defeat opponents, although the gap could be very tight.

Prediction: 1-2