Juventus, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea or Atletico newest - the big names of the Champions League every turn to leave this tournament. And tonight, playing in Europe's most prestigious club level will be seeing more a separation anymore. That could be Barcelona or Bayern Munich, anything can happen in Da Luz.

Verdict football trophy C1 Barcelona - Bayern Munich: The peak of the war, Messi - Lewandowski financial comparison
Messi shines ever before Bayern 2015 (Image Source: Internet)

Messi shines ever before Bayern 2015

Historically, the two teams each of 10 encounters with the result gave Bayern Trophy won 6, drawn 2 while Barca won 2 matches. Remarkably, up to 4/5 of the two teams clash in the Champions League earlier place in the knockout stages.

4 confrontation in 2 knockout nearest witnessed mixed results. 2014/15 Champions League semi-final, Barcelona trio Messi - Suarez - Neymar beat Bayern 3-0 entirely at the Nou Camp. Certainly many fans still remember that day, Messi turned into clowns Boateng like.

In the return leg, Bayern coach Pep Guardiola only keep little face with a 3-2 victory virtually meaningless. However, the 2012/13 season's Champions League semi-final, Bayern Munich to a 7-0 destruction Barca after two matches respectively, before lowering pitches Dortmund in the final to take the championship.

Until the quarterfinals, Bayern is the only team in the Champions League 2019/20 triumph. The team is being coached by Hans-Dieter Flick won all 8 matches from the group stage so far. In the eighth round, the Bundesliga champions Chelsea 7-1 victory after two matches respectively. Also in the group stage, Bayern runner destroy Tottenham North London 7-2 on the land.

For its part, Barcelona also entered the quarter-finals with an unbeaten record from the start of the season. However, the performances of Origin team Catalunya less flashy than Bavaria, with 5 wins and 3 draws. Even before Messi created moments of genius, there were certain fears that Napoli can make Barca grudge.

Stories change of format UEFA Champions League this season - with the decision to focus in Lisbon stone with only one game delimitation is also big disadvantage with Barcelona. Remember that leaving the Nou Camp was never easy for Messi and his team-mates.

Evidence that this 2019/20 season, "giant Origin Catalunya" won 12 matches, drawn 6 and lost 6 matches away from home. Shocks called Roma or Liverpool are going to the Nou Camp when Barca do not have fulcrum. This season, they won only two and two away games at Air playing Champions League.

In contrast, the distant possibility of Bayern stone under new coach Dieter Flick is extremely terrible. "Bayern" even won 14 of 15 away games since coach 55 year old hot seat again at Allianz Arena.

Verdict football trophy C1 Barcelona - Bayern Munich: The peak of the war, Messi - Lewandowski financial comparison
NHM wait screen comparison between Messi and Lewandowski embankment (Image Source: Internet)

NHM wait screen comparison between Messi and Lewandowski embankment

Performer after translation Covid-19 Bayern also impressive than Barca. German football giants won all 12 games, holding brace outstanding domestic title. Meanwhile, Barca won only 8 games, drawn 3 and lost 1 matches and are at risk of white hands full 2019/20 campaign events.

Finally, and is indispensable - that is the curtain over the embankment between the two superstars Lionel Messi - Barcelona's captain, Robert Lewandowski - home of Bayern Munich. At the present time, the style of both is extremely convincing. Only thing, "Lewy" better support, a system is operating smoothly. Meanwhile, Messi will face Alphonso Davies machine running, and it will be difficult especially with the Argentine superstar.

Prediction: Barcelona 1-2 Bayern Munich