Although this was the 2nd round in the Premiership but with Manchester United, Crystal Palace welcomed the new match their military in the new season. The rest in round 1 helps teachers coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has more time to recognize the situation, and plan the best preparation for this important duel.

Verdict football MU - Crystal Palace:
MU will have the Battle Force is a difficult forecast before Crystal Palace (Image Source: Internet)

MU will have the Battle Force is a difficult forecast before Crystal Palace

"Reds" just disappointing when to admit defeat against Aston Villa at least in the recent friendly match. This disappointing result that teachers and students were forced Solskjaer many question marks for ambition really in this season.

In addition to not get good momentum screen, MU also proved a stalemate on the summer transfer market. The holiday will be a great stretch favorable time for the home side at Old Trafford utilized to supplement force with quality names. However, the situation is relatively difficult for Manchester United when they turn many teams are in the business refuses to recruit players.

Rookie's only notable Manchester clubs as of this time Van De Beek is a midfielder. Dutch star who joined United in a quite unexpected from Ajax. However, the talent of Van De Beek will need more time to test and most likely, match with Crystal Palace will be the first test for the midfielder born in 1997 in the context of Paul Pogba may be sidelined because no physical guarantee.

Crystal Palace determined to deter "Reds"

On the other side of the battle lines, Crystal Palace has 3 points after winning his debut in Round 1 against Southampton. Last season, they were surprised by beating Manchester United at Old Trafford with the excellence of Patrick van Aanholt and Wilfried Zaha.

Team coach Roy Hogson veteran proved extremely uncomfortable with the "big" in the Premiership and that is a major threat in goal for MU's first win. Still, MU still will be the team with the higher rating is home advantage and quality of the team present fairly uniform.

Predict the score: Manchester United 3-1 Crystal Palace

Verdict football MU - Crystal Palace:
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