After waiting to languishing, the Champions League final is back to finish the unfinished road. Immediate, UEFA should identify nodules 4 tickets later enrolled in the quarterfinals. In 4 games to be canceled because the pandemic Covid-19, Manchester City - Real Madrid match naturally focus.

Verdict Football Man City - Real Madrid: War peak, mountain formidable
Guardiola (left) Zidane better than in the first leg (Image Source: Internet)

Guardiola (left) Zidane better than in the first leg

In the first leg, Manchester City beat excellence upstream Real Madrid 2-1 in the Bernabeu. This result brings many advantages to the former King Premiership in the rematch with La Liga new king. A draw on home field is enough to master games category Pep Guardiola has Real Madrid, even when they failed 0-1.

This does not mean it will be an easy game with Manchester City. Because after translation Covid-19, Real Madrid came back extremely strong. Evidence is "white vultures" had an 11-match unbeaten streak, including 10 consecutive victories to overcome Barcelona won La Liga championship.

Objectively speaking, the opponents that teachers and students are too weak Zidane encounters versus the level of Man City now, especially to kick at Etihad. In particular, this match Real would not have been the services of central defender Sergio Ramos by the captain's red card in the first leg. Besides, teachers Liga Zidane ended more than half a month ago and have not yet heated match.

Meanwhile, Manchester City are playing very well at the Etihad. This season, "Green Man" won the 20/26 home games in all competitions. In it, they won 2 and drew 1 home games in the Champions League.

Covid-19 post-pandemic, Pep Guardiola's men won all six home games, scored 24 goals and clean sheets to 5/6.

Coach Pep Guardiola calculated from the lead, Manchester City has 17 home games in the Champions League. The result, they won 12, drawn 2 and lost 3 matches. In particular, they represent only 1 time to Spain and 3-1 win over Barcelona in the first round of 2016. In addition, Pep won 3 and lost 2 home games in the Champions League knockout round last Man City.

Verdict Football Man City - Real Madrid: War peak, mountain formidable
Man City (right) has many advantages over Real (Image Source: Internet)

Man City (right) has many advantages over Real

Conversely, away back where Real play not too good at this season when they won 17, drawn 5 and lost 4 matches this season. Royal Team Spain fails miserably on the field PSG 0-3 in the Champions League. Trust with the Madridista, that Real coach Zidane has never been easy to bully opponents in the battle of life and death away.

"White vultures" have won eight and lost only two games in the last 10 away matches in the Champions League. Alone in the knock-out matches, Real have won 7 and lost 1 in the away games in the last 3 seasons. Furthermore, 5 recent games as visitors in Britain, Real Madrid won 2, drawn 2 and lost 1 matches.

Psychology nothing to lose by Real, this game is easy to fall into the doubles. But to beat Man City retrograde at the Etihad, it is indeed not easy. Should still believe that the former King will win the Premiership minimum a draw for tickets to Portugal to attend the Champions League quarter-finals 2019/20.

Prediction: Manchester City 2-2 Real Madrid