Catalunya derby takes place in the context of irony. Barcelona are at great risk being deposed Real Madrid in the race for the La Liga champions. Meanwhile, Espanyol has built an award Segunda Division foot down, and likely will officially relegated soon after this match.

Verdict football Barcelona - Espanyol: Messi Wait derby disposition, decide chasing Real
Messi (dark purple) promises to practice relegated Espanyol (Image Source: Internet)

Messi (dark purple) promises to practice relegated Espanyol

Tragedy strikes are Espanyol. They can be relegated for the first time, for the first time after 26 years. Origin team Catalunya this season the team has contributed many of the league's 4th after 3 Barca, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. No. 172 Origin Catalunya derby in La Liga this time is seen as destined for Espanyol and did not know when they get back to La Liga.

Whether Barca and Espanyol neighbors but never liked each other. "Herd of parrots' 0-1 defeat before new teams ranked just above the stomping in Leganes and final position in the La Liga standings with 11 points less secure areas.

34 games have passed, new Espanyol won with 24 points. Francisco Rufete team back perfect La Liga with victory over Alaves. But green white team can not continue to maintain harmony of the room 1, lost 5 (consecutive) in the next 6 games.

5 consecutive defeats recently synonymous with 7/10 defeat away in 2020 shows Espanyol not only weak in strength but also mentally weak fighter. The visitors surrender, but Barca win again aspiring to race the last round of La Liga pitches with Real Madrid.

Therefore, it will not surprise if Messi and teammates for Espanyol a crushing defeat before leaving La Liga. With the weakness in all aspects of the present, there is little hope to help Espanyol can create magic at the Nou Camp. Statistics show that 12 home game against Espanyol in the past 11 years, Barca will win, 11 wins by 2 goals or more and 9 clean sheets.

Barca may erratically away but at the Nou Camp, coach Quique Setien Army has always scary. From the beginning of the season, Barca still maintain unbeaten record all 17 home games played in La Liga, even wins to 15 games. In 17 games there, and teammate Messi has scored 50 goals, which average nearly 3 goals / match.

Barca in all competitions counted only once divided 3 points, they won the 18/21 remaining home games this season and 10 of which won 3 goals or more isolated. With the excitement after the 4-1 victory over Villarreal pitch, Quique Setien promising teachers and students continue to suffer Espanyol before the team left La Liga neighbors.

Prediction: 3-0