Phase errors of Van Dijk ball in the game against Leeds:

On the day of 2020/21 Premiership curtain, Liverpool had to sweat the new seed defeated Leeds United 4-3. It was match that Van Dijk had made a disastrous mistake helped coach Marcelo Bielsa's men scored 2-2 in half 1. Van Dijk breaking ball into right foot gaffe striker Patrick Bamford of previous visitors the only remaining player goalkeeper Alisson Becker.

Van Dijk silly mistakes being called
Situations handle missing observations of Van Dijk (Image Source: Internet)

Situations handle missing observations of Van Dijk

Talking about the case of Van Dijk, former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Carragher comment frankly: "Van Dijk too arrogant. He was trying to manage instead of breaking ball emphatically. Maybe that's because it is Leeds United, a rookie, and he thinks it's too easy. But Patrick Bamford has received a gift from Van Dijk ".

Van Dijk then respond to comments Carragher: "This is one of those situations that can happen. I always try to do my best and that's what I did. Unfortunately, one goal from how to handle that, but I do not worry about that.

Nobody wants to get goals but both teams are very tense. We practice for these things, and we know it can happen. Leeds will cause a lot of difficulties for the teams in the league, and I think it's good that we get three points. But we still have much work to do ".

Recently, reports DailyMail has revealed a surprising statistics of Van Dijk, when midfielder Netherlands is one of the players many mistakes led to goals conceded the most (3 times) in the Premiership since the time started the season 2018/19. 3rd time this mistake occurred in the 77th match of Van Dijk in the Premier League for Liverpool.

Arsenal midfielder David Luiz also counts mistakes led to goals similar to Van Dijk, but this he reached over after 69 appearances.

Besides defender Danny Rose left Tottenham, who are on their way to leave Tottenham. Meanwhile, the defense has conceded Chelsea 54 goals last season - the most in the group of 10 leaders - there are 3 situations mistakes leading to goals conceded in the last 2 seasons.

At 2 times before, Van Dijk made a mistake in the game against Arsenal (May 7/2020, 36 Premier League, Liverpool lost 1-2) and Fulham (July 3/2019, within 31 Premiership, Liverpool won 2- first). Which are the visit of Liverpool.