Since joining Manchester United, the name Van de Beek Donny is also more attention. In the great battle between the Netherlands and Italy in the UEFA Nations League past, rookie of the "Reds" main stone. Not leave much mark but still must remind fans name players.

Van de Beek MU rookie played extremely solid, the Italian prodigy stay through 2020
Van de Beek on the ball fiercely, causing Zaniolo Ligament (Image Source: Internet)

Van de Beek on the ball fiercely, causing Zaniolo Ligament

1st half last great battle, at the time of the Netherlands are being constantly threatened Italy, Donny van de Beek has nasty blow to Nicolo Zaniolo dangerous. The result was the 21-year-old Tel bridge Italia proved extremely painful and left the game shortly thereafter.

After the game, the Italian medical team conducted diagnostic Zaniolo Nicolo injury. And bad news come with a prodigy of the land of pasta. Italian Andrea Ferretti doctor's assertion Zaniolo traumatized serious left knee. Moreover, there is a new wound, not the old injury recurrence earlier this year.

Tutto Sports newspaper quoted doctors Ferretti: "It seems Zaniolo has seriously fractured knee. It is difficult to compare it with the left knee because the other has undergone knee surgery. That's a pretty heavy cracks. He went through a very long recovery process after injury ligament Cross. Of course he was very worried and so do we. "

And just now, the club AS Roma - teams in charge of Nicolo Zaniolo revealed the injury situation of the young stars in the latest announcement on the home page: "Nicolo Zaniolo will undergo surgery on Wednesday, 9 / 9. MRI results confirmed he has torn completely cross ligament in the left knee. "

In yesterday's game, Zaniolo made good contributions to help Italy's attacking play became very bright. But this unlucky injury to real untimely because the new season is coming very close and this is an extremely important season for the recruiting coach for Euro 2021 period took place the following year. According to the diagnosis of the medical team, Zaniolo may be out for the end of 2020 to fully recover.

And Italian football fans have reason to hate Donny Van de Beek with nasty blow fiercely. Of course, the Dutchman did not intend to destroy the opponent, because this is only a 50/50 tackles. Anyhow Van de Beek was itself prepared for a situation "behind enough", by a shot in the player's ball has relatively strong force.

MU fans could see the silhouette Roy Keane in Van de Beek

In this match, Van de Beek is one of the Netherlands players play the most water morning, before having to leave the field. After the match, he was grateful to the Ajax fans with an incredibly bright fireworks display of emotion. And looking at the performances from rookie 40 million pounds, the MU fans might see the silhouette of Roy Keane day with nasty blow fiercely, unrelenting.

Before National Championship Netherlands 2019/2020 ending translated by Covid-19, Van de Beek to play 23 games, scoring 8 goals, 5 tectonics, 41 times to create opportunities for teammates and 16 times half hit the crossbar. Throughout the 5 years now draped Ajax, Van de Beek has played 159 matches for Ajax, scoring 40 goals and 34 tectonic phase.

Though no new team debut but Donny Van de Beek is considered a wise business of MU. In the context of the MU participated in many arenas in 2020/21 season - particularly the UEFA Champions League, the addition of Van de Beek named allow coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær made many attempts in terms of tactics and personnel pulse Van de Beek round trio - Paul Pogba - Bruno Fernandes.