Be aware, this value of Ronaldo even lower than the stars quite like Kai Havert class, Romelu Lukaku (75 million euros). Compared to rival Lionel Messi, Ronaldo only half (65 million euros compared with 127 million euros). KPMG in the evaluation table, Messi is the only man in his 30s in the top 20.

Value Ronaldo dropped dramatically, only half Messi: the imminent demise?
Messi Ronaldo far less value on the transfer market (Image Source: Internet)

Messi Ronaldo far less value on the transfer market

Ronaldo reduced the value is not strange in the present time, when he has entered the age of 35. The experts started looking at the stars no longer afford to move to another club. In fact, CR7 is happy with what he has been at Juventus and is likely to stay in the club until retirement. So his price from this point will likely only go down.

Besides, epidemics Covid-19 occurred globally last time that football is influenced heavily. The entire tournament was frozen for a long time makes the transfer market and players worth almost collapsed. Page transfer Transfermarkt continuously updated value the stars come down the red arrow. These calculations show that all players are lagging 30 players%.

Reason Messi was 33 years old this year but still above 100 million euro valuation? That's the M10 is still possible to create a business "blockbuster" different, with PSG, Manchester City are ready to own wallet to him. Upstream constant discord and recently at Barca as a factor necessary for the price of Messi always remain high. Besides, could not speak to the outstanding talents of superstar.

Although prices are only half as Ronaldo Messi, but this does not mean that class or use values ​​lower than Messi Ronaldo. In this season, CR7 has 25 goals in all competitions for Juventus after 32 games, only lost Kylian KPMG Mbappe in the top 20. Ie talking about professional values, CR7 not bow before anyone.

Reputation and image increasingly bold after years of war peak is the maximum value that Ronaldo gives team he joined, but here are Juventus. Football shirts of the "Bianconeri" are sold all over the world, share prices stable, skyrocketing revenue growth in 2 years. This is due to the presence of Ronaldo.

Juventus leaders understand that with Ronaldo, they had real leader on the field of expertise, both hens gold on commercial aspects. Mbappe, Neymar or Jadon Sancho can break the transfer record in the future, but to this number immediately create influential as Ronaldo doing with Juventus this time is impossible.