According to information published daily in the evening DailyMail 6/7, Matic has signed the new contract with a term of up to 3 years with MU (to May 6/2020). Besides, MU has installed more provisions that allow the parties to continue sticking together add 1 year if things were going smoothly.

Matic is now indispensable barricades of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Matic is now indispensable barricades of MU

By turns 32 on April 1/8 next 3-year contract is likely to be the last big contract in his career of star players Serbs. "I'm glad to continue as part of the club this wonderful. As a player, I still have many things to offer and want to achieve in your career and do it with Manchester United would be an honor projected enormous ", Matic share after signing a new contract.

"This is a team that is really exciting, we have a good balance of youth and experience in the team and there is a great mix between the groups. This is a crucial stage of the season and we I'm playing well. we will continue to fight to end the season with the highest achievement and makes those great fans proud of us, "added the Serbian national team.

Meanwhile, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær said: "I was very pleased when Matic has signed a contract with the club. I believe that the professionalism, experience and leadership qualities of his would be valuable for our young players.

"We have great strength in midfield and the qualities of Nemanja is an important part of that. Matic has been here for three seasons and really understand the value of the jacket Manchester United. He still positive Any ambition and determination is very important when we want to achieve your goals in the coming years ", strategist Norway concluded.

Matic impressive form since the beginning of 2020 was dominated by MU with 11 unbeaten sequence in all competitions before the season break due to pandemic Covid-19. Before that, he did not get many. However, when Scott and Paul Pogba McTominay injury, Matic has been given an opportunity and he took advantage of very good.