2 days after Aston Villa lost 0-3 cover Leeds United, Everton's league leaders turn "dry coat" on the field with the score 0-2 in the Southampton match series Sunday night under 6 Premier League. So until the present time, the tournament top "England" was no longer any team maintain unbeaten record.

Unpredictable ranking Premier League: Arsenal
Everton defeated league leaders were the first and the other for "genealogy heat" on the nape (Image Source: Internet)

Everton defeated league leaders were the first and the other for "genealogy heat" on the nape

This failure does not make teachers and students Carlo Ancelotti took the top spot, but they were "neighbors" Liverpool equaled the scores (13 points), the team ranked No. 3 over Aston Villa 1 point.

In the next match, 3 this team will encounter numerous difficulties when it encounters the formidable opponent (Everton against Newcastle, Liverpool against West Ham, Aston Villa meet Southampton) and if stumble, they absolutely can splash from the top. On the other hand, thanks to win over Everton, Southampton (10 points) has excellent break into groups of 6 teams lead.

Meanwhile, the focus match between Arsenal Sunday night and Leicester also closed with a minimum win 1-0 "fly high". Before 6, two teams with the same points and less than 1 degree (Leicester rated 4 Arsenal 5).

However, the results great battle at the Emirates Stadium that "Gunners" freefall relegation ... 10, while Leicester secure positions in the top 4 (12 points), behind leaders Everton mere 1 point. Even Arsenal also face the risk of falling further behind by team Tottenham (8 points) not only have stone and Burnley at 3pm on 27/10.

The outcome of the Premier League at present relatively unpredictable because the gap between the No. 15 team, MU (7 points, less than the other team kick one ball) and the 6th ranked team Southampton are just 3 points.

Top 6 Premier League present time

6 of the bottom

Unpredictable ranking Premier League: Arsenal
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