Technical director or also known as the director of football is responsible position transfer problem of the team. This position is the bridge between the coach, the players need and the leadership team, who spend money. The emergence of technical director to help coaches focus more on training.

Unexpectedly revealed why MU has yet to be appointed technical director
Vice president Ed Woodward each challenge as technical director of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Vice president Ed Woodward each challenge as technical director of the MU

Most of the clubs are under development coach garage and technical director but MU has not. Old Trafford team ever appointed to this historic location and is believed to be the biggest mistake when Ferguson retires. Each coach brought back the players according to their liking while vice chairman Ed Woodward likes "encroaching" and consequently "Reds" consecutively received "spray bombs" as Fellani, Depay, Sanchez or Lukaku ...

After much criticism, Ed Woodward has vowed not involved in the transfer and just role playing "who spend money". So why Manchester United are still hesitant to appoint helpers Solskjaer?

According to writer Samuel Luckhurst of the Manchester Evening News, the Norwegian teacher is the cause. Solskjaer is doing too good duty on the transfer market that people joked that he was fit for the position of technical director rather than coach.

Since the official takeover of Manchester United, Solskjaer has only signed four new signings and a loan deal while farewell to 9 players. The point is that all four of Manchester United rookie play extremely well and become the mainstay of the team (Maguire, Wan Bissaka, James Fernandes).

Solskjaer is doing a very good job of technical director at MU

Even a contract "Fire" Odion Ighalo as also shows the efficiency and desire to play. Can say in the purchase, Solskjaer is achieving 100% efficiency. In reverse, the Norwegian master is also very successful.

Concerns about the split Herrera, Lukaku and Sanchez without replacement earlier this season, also almost disappeared. Solskjaer has helped a great deal away as Fred or Martial picking up. Of course, there are still Pereira or ridges called Lingard but undeniable Sokskjaer did very well in both buying and selling.

An unnamed senior official of the team MU is revealed completely trust his master Norwegian and not appointed technical director in the near future by fear to break the current balance. Solskjaer though not so good as the top mission creep in the Premier League but the development direction of your club is helping strategist MU rediscover yourself.

Of course, Solskjaer nor yourself everything. Eg attracting young talent, the person issuing the Bellingham Jude Matt Judge, head of development of MU, not master the Norwegian.