One unexpected development took place on European transfer market. Striker Álvaro Morata has been present in Turin to prepare for medical examination and joined Juventus again. Juventus official Twitter posted photos Morata present at the club's headquarters.

Unexpected Morata rejoined Juventus, Barcelona stir up trouble with Suarez
Morata joined Juventus prepare (Image Source: Internet)

Morata joined Juventus prepare

According to journalists hunt transfer news, Atletico Madrid have approached Luis Suarez to join the club invited him, and in return they will be removed from the squad Diego Costa and Álvaro Morata sale. Costa has lost form while Morata despite playing well at Atletico but not considered with Joao Felix, who was the club invested so much and do not want to waste the potential of the Portuguese star.

Juventus have approached to ask to buy Morata Atletico after they noticed the ability to buy Suarez or Edin Džeko of AS Roma too low. According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Morata will come to Juventus for a fee of 10 million euros borrowed, together with the buyout clause of 45 million euros. The two sides quickly reached an agreement and at the same time also completed a contract with Atletico after coach Diego Simeone Suarez convinced him pay cut.

But a new incident occurred at Catalunya. Barcelona had to cut its initial contract with Suarez to give him freedom to a new team, but at the last minute Barca suddenly "turn hexagram". They have a list of teams they do not want Suarez joined and attached to this list in terms of termination of the contract, initially Atletico no where but now it has been added.

Suarez continued to be Barca currently hinder departure

Existing agreement to terminate the contract with Barca between Suarez has only been drafted but not signed and therefore Suarez still had Barca. However this makes both Suarez and Atletico angry because Barca is making it difficult not only a god of the team but also prevented a great deal as nothing causes whisper.

Show press both Spain and Italy are waiting to see how events and incident information will turn Edinson Cavani Atletico needed. The only issue is the relationship between Barca with Suarez and close with his players at the Nou Camp as further deteriorated after being removed from the plan Suarez new season of coach Ronald Koeman.