Messi's performance in Atletico 1-0 Barcelona

The future of Lionel Messi in Barcelona is constantly questioned when the contract between the parties is only deadline until the end of the 2020/21 season. With a bad performance on the grass field, the Nou Camp team is hard to hope the Argentine superstar changes the decision to leave.

Unexpected Man City abandoned Messi, hunting Lukaku and
Man City abandoned Messi because of age and money (Photo source: Internet)

Man City renounces Messi because of age and money

If you break up Barca, Man City is the most ideal parking with Messi. Recently, Man City Board of Directors showed a determination to draw M10 with a two-year contract to extend the contract with his close older teacher, Pep Guardiola.

However Messi has just received "lightning" information. According to revealing from Spanish football expert Semra Hunter, Man City ended every contact with the Argentine superstar. The cause is said to be due to age problems (Messi 33 years old) and salary of up to 100 million euros per year (£ 89 million) that the Etihad team is expected to pay Messi.

"Based on my close source, the door to Man City for Messi has played. About age, he's entering the afternoon and will bring Man City a completely different session than himself For the past 17 years. Although joining the team in the form of free transfer, Messi's terrible high salary - about 100 million euros / year will be a burden with any of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Or have to sell off players, or have to cut the personnel, the football team invests in a young player or the positions they are really missing, "said Semra Hunter.

Season 2020/21, Messi has 6 goals after 11 matches in every arena, 5 of them comes from penalties. Obviously Argentinian superstars are no longer the best version of themselves, so the risk of abandoning "mountain" money for him is no different.

It's no longer salty with Messi, but recruiting strikers is still Man City's priority in the context of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus struggles with injuries. The new Telegraph has revealed the list of names targeted by Etihad's team, most notably MU striker, Romelu Lukaku. Even Man City has launched this deal from the 2020 summer transfer period, the time "decreased" Messi.

Lukaku and "Cavani new 'Darwin Nunez reached into Man City's sights

After parting MU, Lukaku shines brightly in Inter Milan's shirt with 34 goals / 51 matches in the 2019/20 season. This season, the Belgian striker also pocketed 9 goals / 9 matches. However, the negotiating process is falling into a deadlock by the Inter Milan side claiming to £ 93 million for Lukaku.

Also according to Telegraph, Lukaku is not the fact that the No. 1 goal is that Man City aims to be Darwin Nunez, strengthened Benfica shirt. Uruguay's striker was born in 1999, nicknamed "New Edinson Cavani" thanks to impressive bodybuilding (1m87 high) and powerful gameplay and scored up to 5 goals / 10 matches in the early season to play for Benfica.