Pandemic Covid-19 is a direct influence to football world, especially in Europe. After a time "sitting" 3 months, the team cut a series of earnings due to spacing social provisions. UEFA (UEFA) has very efforts to bring football back to minimize the damage, but "helplessness".

UEFA revealed shocking: Cup C1 lose half billion pounds, is expected to record losses
Bayern Munich after a Champions League season most bizarre history (Image Source: Internet)

Bayern Munich after a Champions League season most bizarre history

Juventus club president is also the president of the Association of European football clubs, Andrea Agnelli has confirmed that the team attended the Champions League and Europa League 2019/20 season will suffer 518 million pounds due to copyright issues TV.

Due to the influence of Covid-19, both leagues had to change the mode of competition, only one leg from the quarter-finals. Additionally, the schedule can not play as well as a reason to make up the losses mentioned above. Besides, Andrea Angelli modalities also revealed only one leg of the quarterfinals will be eliminated this season by the clubs want economic recovery after the pandemic.

Compared to the rest, the economic situation of the teams in the Premier League as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea ... still quite satisfactory thanks to television rights in the country. The team is still quite frantic shopping while the other big guns like Barcelona or Real Madrid, Bayern Munich chose to "estate".

President Agnelli revealed UEFA football prediction hole about 3.6 billion pounds in the next 2 years

Even Real Madrid James Rodriguez also accept sale to Everton for £ 20 million just to be able to rebalance the wage fund. According to the president Agnelli, this problem can also more serious in the next 2 years.

"We have studied and predicted that the world football will likely suffer losses of about 3.6 billion pounds in the next 2 years. According to FIFA, the loss will be due to the burden is the main club. We can see this from the television rights contracts recently.

Premiership losses of about 330 million pounds, while the Bundesliga is about 180 million pounds. Currently, we are finishing with UEFA and calculate the expected loss figure was 518 million pounds. "