Coach Koeman suddenly bricked the No. 1 star name Messi on the operation of Ukraine to make Dynamo Kiev guests in the fourth round of the Champions League round. It seemed that this would be the opportunity for Griezmann to advertise Barca's public goods but was surprised that Coach Koeman did not enter the name of the French striker in the starting lineup.

Type Messi - Griezmann from the main team, Koeman
Messi and Griezmann rare times are not the main kick in a Barca match (source: Internet)

Rare Messi and Griezmann are not the main kick in a Barca match

At the beginning of the 66th minute, Griezmann was released by Coach Koeman to the courtyard for Philippe Coutinho before scoring a 4-0 minute to set a 4-0 victory for representatives of Spain. It can be said that the Dutch strategist is a rare coach in Barca's history daring "both the liver" to dismiss the two brightest stars in the main team in a match.

The nearest person dared to do this in Barca that was Coach Pep Guardiola in the 2008/09 season. As soon as we came to steer in the summer of 2008, PEP did not hesitate to sell two bright stars Ronaldinho, Deco and replaced with the young stars of La Masia Training Furnace, Messi, Sergio Busquets, Pedro and Pedro and Pedro Bojan. As a result, Pep helped Barcelona win "Etipe 6" history right in the first season to lead the team. Is the coach Koeman want to "copy" the secret of the predecessor?

There are some more detailed coincidence between Coach Pep Guardiola and Coach Koeman. Both have been playing for Barca when they are a player and are considered the legend of the Nou Camp team. In addition, Coach Pep Guardiola and Coach Koeman came to lead Barca after the team had just undergone a bowl season. Before PEP came to lead in 2008, Barca experienced the 2007/08 season white hand on every arena. The same is happening to Coach Koeman.

Explaining your decision, Coach Koeman said: "Griezmann had to sit because of a small physical problem that we wanted to be careful. It is important to take time to rest and create conditions for hardworkers to practice every day but are not competeed much.

I have seen Griezmann work hard work from the beginning. He is a happy player, who always devotes himself to the team and the club. It was bad when he had no luck with a goal. The only way to change this is to work harder. Griezmann is trying every day. "

The victory over Dynamo Kiev helped Barcelona officially won the ticket to the Champions League Knock-out early 2 matches. In the domestic arena, the army of Coach Koeman was suddenly diving in the 13th place on the La Liga rankings with 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws after 8 opening rounds. It was the worst start of the "Catalan giant" in La Liga since the 1991/92 season.