Backhead Barcelona is becoming extremely remarkable by the former president Josep Bartomeu resigned because of weak management in every way. Barca still had to wait because the president election had to go to the new year, but now the remarkable candidates appeared to run.

Victor Font will appoint Xavi to lead Barca if they are elected

Victor Font's entrepreneur was considered a top candidate because he was not only committed to bringing Barca back to the old identity but also in the hands of a talented team ready to work. The font wanted to completely eliminate the remnants from both Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell's term, instead a new generation of officials consisting of the former clubs of the club.

Among them the most outstanding Xavi, the legendary midfielder of Spanish football was working in Qatar but was committed by the Font to lead the club if he was elected, meaning Ronald Koeman would immediately lose his job. In addition to Xavi, Carles Puyol and Jordi Cruyff will also return to Barca if the font is president.

But the font still had a competitor when recently, former President Joan Laporta officially ran out. Laporta was responsible for a royal era of Barca in the decade ago, he was the one who gave Ronaldinho, Frank Rijkaard, Samuel Eto'o, appointed Pep Guardiola and made many other important decisions to help the club win much title.

Ronaldinho launched Barca in 2003 next to Laporta (Photo source: Internet)

Ronaldinho launched Barca in 2003 next to Laporta

Laporta was over the first president in 2011 and his enemy, Sandro Rosell, then began to take Barca at a short degeneration period (and made Rosell to lose his name and go to jail) forced Laporta to seek again. But the 3-year Eat of 2015 made Josep Bartomeu to get the prestige and thus re-elected for another 6 years, to lead to the status of Barca today.

In the official day of running, Laporta said: "I love Barca, I love fans, I love La Masia and everything else about the club. I and his colleagues planned to bring the team back to the successful orbit, to return to the No. 1 powerful force of world football. That's why we need your support. "

Laporta was not appreciated like the opportunity like Victor Font he had a poorer support team, former players mostly returned to the font. However, Mr. Chair former president was higher than that of a number of Barca in the perspective rated the font after a 48-year-old entrepreneur gave a speech to fire Koeman regardless of Barca achievement, a pretty response sentence Fightly, the font must be corrected later.

Laporta released the 2015 president but defeated by Barca just won the Bartomeu (source: Internet)

Laporta released the 2015 president but failed by Barca just won the bartomeu treble

Besides, Although Laporta does not have lower levels of font as fonts, he is committed to trust and sharpness for talented people attached to the club. This is also that many people believed by Laporta at the first term admitted that they do not understand too much football, so trust into more capable associates, indicating decisions in special situations.

Laporta in 2003 when the election was committed to bringing it to David Beckham or Ronaldinho, and the fact that he ran out of the past, causing public opinion in Catalunya, which would promise to bring about the stars for the club. The Sport reported Laporta promises the Norwegian striker Erling Haaland is kicking Dortmund, but in fact Laporta has not promised anything about Haaland, he will only speak Lionel Messi to stay and bring Pep Guardiola back.

An odd small information related to Laporta is that he proposed the slogan "You'll never walk alone" as a new slogan of La Masia Academy. Of course this is the famous song of Liverpool fans, the team has revealed the shocking Barca in season 2018/19, although the reality of this song was sang by the fans in Europe before and after each match, also As its nature is a musical song.