* "Pants hero" race hunting "blockbuster" transfer

Transfer market has passed more than a month and this time the big teams are already busy additional forces to serve the larger goal. Attention was put into the "BIG 6" of the Premiership (including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham) when race tickets to the European Cup in the Premier League also noteworthy than any award public auction, which only the championship race is worth a look over.

Transfer 6 hitters Premiership: Chelsea Man City reached thanks to Messi?
Big Six will purchase raw headlining in a particular year? (Image Source: Internet)

Big Six will purchase raw headlining in a particular year?

Chelsea is not only a shopping season "crazy" compared with other big clubs, but also crazy compared to the current economic context when Covid-19 affects all teams. But Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool & Tottenham also have extra reinforcements, even Manchester City still facing the opportunity of ownership "blockbuster" 1 history named Lionel Messi.

So the BIG team is now doing well 6 to nowhere? First we see the aggregate table's transfer activities 6 teams so far.

* Statistics of group assignment BIG 6 to 02/09/2020:

Not difficult to see the subject of Chelsea play Manchester City and Tottenham, while investing significantly. Arsenal not much money but hard to put on quality signings. Manchester United and Liverpool so far, only one person per team purchase, of which Liverpool buy cheapest.

* Seen from the number and effective transfer of the summer 2020: Waiting for the new season gets under way

Of course the Chelsea "leading" assignment village not tell a lot by their results then have to wait how the season started. Furthermore the efficiency of procurement depends on how they buy than demand lineup.

But even on that provision Chelsea are also doing well, because they were added to 2 players have the ability to replace Willian, Pedro departed while the left-hour was Chilwell round, and the defense has Silva added, Sarr to compete the midfielder position. Now just add 1 Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa replaced, but if they put faith Kepa picking up, that's not a bad decision.

Transfer 6 hitters Premiership: Chelsea Man City reached thanks to Messi?
Chelsea bought military and aggressive focus on the weak position (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea bought military and aggressive focus on the weak position

Man City and Tottenham also proved very effective. Man City Ferran Torres picked replacement for Leroy Sane while Nathan Ake departure will create competition midfielder position in the context of the position was deteriorating performance as Vincent Kompany from leaving the club.

With Tottenham, Hojbjerg and Lo Celso give Tottenham the two aspects of / player for the midfield between, while Doherty certainly better stone in position Serge Aurier defender.

As for Arsenal, the midfielder they previously quite bad but next season Gabriel and Saliba will create fierce competition by the youth, while Soares will help Arsenal supporting worry if Hector Bellerin please leave the club and William is a former experienced soldiers. Yet Arsenal's problems seem to have many weaknesses in the squad and a transfer window can not be solved at once.

Man City bought two players for one team but they are both losing position

With two teams buy at least, Liverpool had the squad is quite thick so Tsimikas just an added precaution Andy Robertson not to play at left-back, but they should have added midfielder after Dejan Lovren go .

As for Manchester United, buy only Van de Beek has raised questions about the position right midfielder remain, not to mention the backs of them attack inadequate or less and they need a central defender to make Victor Lindelof must stone carefully.

So in terms of efficiency, Chelsea is No. 1 on the transfer of the "Big 6". Tottenham and Man City ranks, while Arsenal only marginally better stand MU a bit just because they buy more, while both teams have many locations to buy. Liverpool need to buy too small for evaluation.

Yet teams are capable BIG 6 will complement the high quality reinforcements during the remainder of the transfer window. Especially if Lionel Messi Manchester City have their chances against Liverpool will skyrocket and that summer overshadowed Chelsea.