Recently, changes in the transfer of striker Harry Kane is hotter than ever as the managing team of the Tottenham striker disagree sold him to Manchester United. Before that, there were many rumors about the "rooster" Kane will sell for MU with gigantic fee of £ 200 million in the summer.

However, according to information from representatives of this team, they will not sell the brightest star for his competitors in the Premier League by any price.

Tottenham's Harry Kane disagree sold to Manchester United, Real Coliseum surprise
The love "triangle" coming to an end after claiming Tottenham (Image Source: Internet)

The love "triangle" coming to an end after claiming Tottenham

Kane's future has been questioned in the past 2 weeks big when he left open the possibility of remaining in a conversation Tottenham directly on Instagram. England captain is also the objective pursuit of more "big" in Europe. However, Manchester United and Real Madrid are two names most zealous in this deal.

Man United are necessary to supplement a star in attack while their other lines have stabilized. Solskjaer coach also expressed his love for Harry Kane by the Premier League, Kane is really a "killer" every team coveted.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is the team needs to quickly return to its position and the contract "blockbuster" as Harry Kane will be a way for them to rebuild the "Milky Way" in the next season. According to the information FourFourTwo not want to sell Kane Tottenham for Manchester United would be a positive signal to the Real complete can own goalscorer Europe's most dangerous.

Real Madrid will be the most likely landing place for Kane

Currently, the star was born in 1993 on the road to recovery from a hamstring injury. The English Premier League this year was postponed due to pandemic Covid-19 is helping Kane have more time to be back at the rest of the season. Tottenham's pretty bad performer in the recent 18 months was the most important cause that England striker did not want to stick with the team he'd ever want to devote a lifetime.

It is understandable when Kane is entering the peak period of his career and a team like Tottenham could hardly bring him the title. Now, the most likely landing with Kane probably going to be Real Madrid. Team Spanish royal can bring Kane to the highest peak of his career, at the same time, he also partly to avoid "bad" if it joined rivals Tottenham in the Premier League is Manchester United.