Tottenham travel to Bournemouth airport to the task must win to feed the fragile hope into the top four Premiership. Unfortunately that day Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min and the stars of the North London team im gunfire, "Spurs" can only walk away with one point.

Tottenham winded top 4 for VAR, Mourinho anger out at the press conference
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Tottenham winded top 4 for VAR, Mourinho anger out at the press conference
Situation down penalty Kane Bournemouth (Image Source: Internet)

Kane down situations Bournemouth penalty

0-0 at Bournemouth in round 34 Premier League 2019/20 led Tottenham fell to No. 9 on the charts. Master Mourinho is 49 points and less than 10 points from the Champions League group following season. In the context of only 4 round tournament, hoping to see as close to Tottenham.

This game has a controversial situation, and takes place in just minutes 4. After the impact of Joshua King, Harry Kane down inside the area of ​​Bournemouth. However, after consultation with the VAR, referee Paul Tierney decided not to have been awarded a penalty for Tottenham and Mourinho made urgent.

Entered the press room with angry dagger, Mourinho made a shocking action. When reporters tried to ask questions via a remote interview, but when they had problems connecting military rulers said: "I did not hear anything", then put the headphones down and walked away.

Then Sky Sports exclusive interviews strategist Portuguese. Mourinho clearly expressed dissatisfaction with the referee team and especially organizations VAR. Tottenham captain blamed the recent results of the team's flat bowl the ball by the referee control the game, and the referee is against their VAR.

Tottenham winded top 4 for VAR, Mourinho anger out at the press conference
Mourinho left the press conference (Photo Source: Internet)

Mourinho left the press conference

Sky Sports quoted Mourinho: "The game has moments most important. You know it's related to whom, and occurred at all. I did not want to say anything about this issue again, because everyone know".

Needless regain calm, "special" continue the offensive team VAR: "Executive VAR in battle today and the match against Sheffield is the same person - Michael Oliver. They all understand in that situation, we will receive a fine. When I say everyone, that is also like that. This is not just my opinion, because everyone sees it. "

Tottenham boss stressed: "I do not claim 100% penalty shot Harry Kane will succeed, but the scoring rate is very high. Usually, when we lead 1-0 after 5 minutes, the opponent will having problems now. I think the outcome of the match will be completely different. "