Accordingly, the share on the BBC Sports, Gareth Bale's agent Jonathan Barnett was confirmed he is in talks with Real Madrid star to put Wales back to England Tottenham on loan. Most importantly, Barnett revealed Spurs "where Bale wants to return". Should know, Bale had 6 years of playing for the Spurs (2007-2013) before moving to Real for 90 million euros.

Tottenham to explode
Bale and Reguilon to leave Real to Tottenham? (Image Source: Internet)

Bale and Reguilon to leave Real to Tottenham?

According to writer specializing in the transfer of the Sunday Times, Duncan Castles, very high ability to Bale Real will return to Tottenham on loan for one season if the two parties agreed on the requirements involved. This will help the home side Bernabeu save annual salary falls between 10.2 million pounds of Bale that Spurs offered.

Earlier, it was reported Bale were close to a deal MU also lend. After running out of patience with Jadon Sancho, MU was to have taken aim Bale returned to England.

Bale has been the target of Manchester United for many years. Under former coach Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Mourinho, they tried to recruit star Wales. 2013, before Real victory, vice chairman Ed Woodward even helicopters preparing to put Bale Carrington training ground to sign the contract.

According to Duncan Castles, one of the factors that helped Tottenham "lubrication" Bale service is working rapidly in business English team Reguilon Sergio, who is being pursued vigorously MU. However, MU seemed to level off before the demands from the Real, while Tottenham is proving more assertive and is advantageous.

AS information sheet, Tottenham have accepted requests to insert clauses acquisition from Real, which MU is not interested in doing. Accordingly, the Spurs are willing to pay 30 million euros for price Reguilon, and Real will have the right to buy back the player for 35-40 million euros for a period of 2 years from the Reguilon leave.

This is really a dramatic reversal display on the transfer market this summer. If successful in this deal, Tottenham will have two extremely complementary quality, promising to help them "makeover" in this season.

In their opening game Premier League this season, Tottenham have suffered 0-1 defeat against Everton when they play without many flourishes in attack.