Tottenham's coach Mourinho lost right at home before a Leicester played very or 0-2. There were 3 rounds of passing, Mourinho and students could not have 3 points full, of which two losses before direct competitors were Liverpool and Leicester.

Tottenham - Mourinho falls, the legendary Mu is as weak as ancient times
Tottenham is being suspected of a bravery (source: Internet)

Tottenham is being suspected of the bravery

From the top position, Tottenham has fallen down and now only ranked 5th in the English Premier League. There are only a few rounds ago, people mentioned Tottenham as a real candidate. At that time Harry Kane - Son Heung Min also shines, and Mourinho shows his thought of his football philosophy that has not been obsolete when building a fairly definite defense system for the white shirt.

However everything has changed dizzying only in the last 3 rounds. The bravery is something that many people are skeptical when witnessing Tottenham continuously for the opponent to score at extremely important moments in the matches. They let Crystal Palace equalize 1-1 when the game is only about 10 minutes left, let Firmino score 2-1 for Liverpool on the right minute 90, and recently let Vardy score on the 11m dot on the last minute of the second time .

Witnessing Tottenham constantly losing points in the same way, MU's legend Roy Keane was frankly commenting "rooster" was showing weakness and fragility as their own images in the past.

"It's like a tottenham of old days. Looks to respect Mourinho but with the way they lose before Liverpool, being drawn by Palace, then to Lose Leicester, I think Tottenham is returning to weak style Roy Keane said.

With Aurier's foul led to a penalty of 11m at the end of the first half, Roy Keane also unfortunately criticized and called this defender was a crazy person: "Only 1 word for him, it's crazy. It is not a dangerous situation, not the situation of threatening goal. He has lacked thought. It's really crazy. "

The opportunity to race the championship this season is not over with Tottenham. However, in order to compete with the top teams, the bravery is still something Mourinho needs to be further forged for students, especially in the upcoming Christmas and New Year tourmalet.