Tottenham has a convincing victory over Arsenal in the 11th Premier League 2020/21 with the shine of Son Heung Min and Harry Kane's couple. Three precious points help Tottenham reclaim the top spot from Chelsea with 24 points / 11 rounds, with the point with Liverpool but more than auxiliary index.

Tottenham defeated Arsenal with a score 2-0

Contrary to the answers with the common channel or satirical opponents, Jose Mourinho was humble in the interview after the match. "For me, the performances of the players today are amazing. Although our rival is being criticized heavily, they are still a good team. They have a good coach and have many ways to implement the game and can change it in the game. That makes it difficult for us. Fortunately, we created an advantage in the first half and played well in the second half, "Mourinho said.

"For Harry Kane and Son Heung Min, you know they are world-class players. I used to tell Ruben Dias that he didn't expect any opponent with no good striker at the Premier League . Harry and Sonny are not only good but also fit the team's gameplay. The way they run as well as participating in a non-shadow defense cannot be criticized. It's a great player. "

Tottenham lowered Arsenal, 7 uneasy matches: Mourinho revealed a new worry
Mourinho Khac Duong Son Heung Min but worried about the team's injury situation (Photo source: Internet)

Mourinho Khac Duong Son Heung Min But worried about the injury situation of the team

Besides, Jose Mourinho still praised the performances of the HOJBJERG defensive midfielder and jokingly, "he is my pain" by always questioning Mourinho in every training session. The Portuguese teacher believes that Hojbjerg will soon reach the world class and congratulate Levy Chairman about "profitable investment".

In addition, "special people" are still very modest to think Tottenham may lose to any opponent despite going through 7 consecutive unbeaten games and the nearest 5/6 matches do not hit the net. Not only that, he was worried about the team's injury.

"It's hard when Lloris hasn't recovered. Alderweireld can play, but his case is like partey, the relapse of injury is very easy to happen. Reguilon, Kane too. Before I started, I was about to let Aurier reserve the right defender but finally again. The risk of injury is always available.

Ndomble's case is the same. Thankfully, Harry Winks had a great place. I am happy because of that. "