Mourinho's Tottenham has just lost the unbeaten string in the Premier League quite bitterly. They serve Liverpool in the 13th round and pushed the score 1-2 with Firmino's score table in the 90th minute. However, everything was different if Bergwijn didn't finish on the post column at the beginning of the second half .

Firmino scored the score set in minutes

Losing the last minute, Mourinho was obviously unhappy. The Portuguese teacher immediately tried to "discharge angry" when greeting Klopp after the whistle in the scratch. The station returned to Klopp and "turned off" the smile after Mourinho's words. Double sides had a few exchanges and separated with a smile back on Klopp's lips.

Reporters in the press conference were very curious about this and "special people" did not hesitate to share. Of course, Mourinho did not ignore the opportunity to slash the opponent. "I told Klopp that the stronger team lost. He did not agree but it was his opinion.

By the way, I have to say that if I have actions outside the border like Klopp, I will be chased off the yard. If I hold the fourth announcement minutes of the fourth announcement (referring to Pep Guardiola in the match between Man City and West Brom), the fate is the same.

Tottenham lost to Liverpool bitterness: Mourinho spicy owl, mocking Klopp
Mourinho "Coffee" Jurgen Klopp from the yard to the press conference room after losing the match (Photo source: Internet)

Mourinho "coffee" Jurgen Klopp from the yard to the press conference room after losing the match

In short, everything between us is fine. Referee to Klopp act like that is not my job. I'm just sad because I'm a different person than the rest but life is so ".

In addition, the Portuguese teacher also shared a feel about the match. "I think we have a good match against opponents who have a positive ability. When you lose the ball, 80% of the ball will reach your penalty. The score fixing table is completely worthy. It was a beautiful and Firmino goal that had a good headed head. I think my team is reaching the highest performance in the ability. "

Meanwhile, coach Jurgen Klopp is also extremely smart. "I think my English is worse than you know much. He approached me and said something. Looks like the" better team lost "or something like that. Better, you should ask Mourinho ".