Tottenham has just experienced a difficult match on a trip to Lask in the 5th round of the Europa League round. Son Heung Min continued to shine, beside the 2 goals of Bale and Dele Alli on the 11m dot, but it was not enough to "rooster" leaving Austria with 3 points.

Tottenham is hit by 3 goals: Mourinho criticizes the attitude of the army
Mourinho is dissatisfied with the attitude of the players of Tottenham players (Photo source: Internet)

Mourinho was dissatisfied with the attitude of playing Tottenham players

The result is just enough for the British representative to officially win the ticket into the knock-out round. However, Coach Mourinho has expressed dissatisfaction of the students' performance. According to "special people", only two players show determination in this match.

The Portuguese strategist said: "Some players play well but some are very poor. The fact that the Europa League round stage does not motivate some players. When we arrive in Antwerp, to Ludogorets , to Linz, stadium, weather, empty on the stands, atmosphere, I have a feeling that some players feel that they should not be here.

Nothing surprised me. The players know it and I sympathize with them. I was right and when I watched the screen before the match, I had a feeling and I told the players before the match that there was a difference in intensity, the interaction with each other and enthusiasm in the start The dynamic of our opponents and startups.

The contradiction is the players like Son and Pierre (Hojbjerg) - the main kickers of every match - are the remaining players that do not matter where the stone is, and not matter in any tournament . They were there and always there for the team. Without them, I don't think we will have positive results.

I think it's the problem of attitude, which I experienced before. Even in Manchester United, I have also met the same case when we lose two away away in the table. When we entered the direct qualifier, met the opponent stronger, much more difficult, we face another way. "

The 3-3 draw against Lask makes Tottenham drop to second place Table J with 10 points, less than 2 points compared to the Royal Antwerp lead team. Thus, the last match between the two teams in London will decide to reach the top spot.