Tottenham won a fairly strenuous victory 2-1 before Brighton thanks to Gareth Bale's goal after he came on the field from the bench for just over 2 minutes. With a victory over an opponent, it was difficult for almost every team they encountered from the beginning of the season, Spurs now takes up the second goal and behind the Liverpool champion with a distance of 2 points.

Tottenham CheMe League of Premier League, Mourinho easily overthrow Liverpool?
Son Heung Min was quiet, but Gareth Bale was present to bring 3 points to Tottenham (Photo source: Internet)

Son Heung Min was quiet, but Gareth Bale was present to bring 3 points to Tottenham

Tottenham this season still has bad matches, from Everton to lose points to West Ham and Newcastle. But there is a fact that after 7 rounds, they are scoring the most in the Premier League while 9 goals lose is a zero zero (at least net, Arsenal, also reached 7 goals).

The Premier League 2020/21 will be a volatile season by Translation of Covid-19, making the schedule of this season more tense, European Cup teams have to try to stones at 3-4 fronts at the same time and do That they have to turn the squad. This season trauma has increased significantly while big teams have more or less expression of fatigue and laws replacing 5 reinstreaming, some clubs such as Everton or Aston Villa have risen to occupy high positions They are not really special about playing.

In the context of a unexpected championship in Leicester City 2015/16 style, the question is that the question is only Tottenham that the team is fully manifested. This season they have added a lot of quality players and have a significant depth in attacking goods, plus a high level of key players.

Tottenham CheMe League of Premier League, Mourinho easily overthrow Liverpool?
This season Tottenham has quite a lot of attackers to choose from (source: Internet)

This season Tottenham has a lot of attackers attacking to choose from

The depth factor is worth it because Tottenham cannot always rely on 1-2 individuals to create mutations in every match. Harry Kane and Son Heung Min had a very high form from the beginning of the season, but before Brighton, Son showed quite quiet while Kane did not have many opportunities. Tottenham still won by the presence of Gareth Bale on the field.

The attacker attacked Jose Mourinho coach in Tottenham's hand in Tottenham was quite large with a striker of Harry Kane with Carlos Vinicius ready to replace, while Son Heung Min, Lucas Moura, Erik Lamela, Steven Bergwijn and Gareth Bale painted wings strikers. Mourinho is therefore always capable of launching 1-2 strikers from the bench in a match to rotate a deadlock.

However, even the strong teams cannot rely on the depth of force to go far in every tournament, in addition to physical problems, the club's gameplay is very difficult to be promoted because the players are very very Less time to get to know each other before the season, mainly based on the true experience through each match that of course cannot be equal to the training ground with the direct rectifier of the coaches.

Mourinho will have to make more difficult decisions in front

So if Tottenham continues to maintain a high position in the Premier League BXH in 10 rounds, then they will probably think about "let go" in 1-2 cup leagues. Europa League will still be Mourinho's priority, but League Cup and FA Cup are two fronts that Spurs' championship chance seems more. Mourinho always attaches great importance to League Cup, so he will stand in front of a difficult problem.

The season also has just passed 7 rounds and usually after half a season of new races becomes clearer. Not to mention Tottenham's schedule is extremely difficult: Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace, Liverpool, Leicester and Wolves, have not included European Cups.

But Tottenham in front of her eyes was very good and wouldn't be too surprised if they compete with the championship. It will still be a big surprise if they go out of the journey and return to the king, because Liverpool even in the mind storm injury defenders still find a way to win.