Tottenham Battle - Antwerp

With many pillars taken on the bench, Tottenham is still powerful to force Antwerp, though, the pervert between players cannot regularly play together, making the home team difficult to get on the shadow The match goes through 20 minutes.

Bale has an excellent penalty, opening the opportunity to declare the deadlock for Spurs

Lo Celso is Tottenham's most prominent play name in the first 45 minutes. In the 26th minute, he had a skillful shadow situation in the ban on eliminating enemy players but was solved in the ball. By 34 minutes, the Argentine star made a Solo secret situation, surpassing a series of visitors before launching the cheeks outside the left-legged leg but was blocked.

Spurs's most appealing opportunities in the first half arrived in the 43th minute, when Moura did all the most difficult tasks before poking a very beautiful slot to vinícius facing Beiranvand, but Vinícius's thereafter was too gentle.

To the second half, Mourinho had a series of moves that he was ambitious to have 3 points and the home team had to play dedication. But Spurs need a fixed situation to break the deadlock. 57 minutes, Bale had an extremely dangerous free kick made Beiranvand unable to catch the ball, and Vinicius was on time kicking the rock, opening the match.

Immediately after scoring the score, Vinicius was withdrawn. The three spurs pillars were Harry Kane, Son Heung Min and Tanguy Nodombele were introduced in order to enhance firepower for the home team. Four minutes after entering the field, Son Heung Min island isolated in the box before taking a left-footed shot forced Beiranvand to fly.

Tottenham - Antwerp: Bale shows off the value, 2nd Half Sublimation (Europa League results)
Lo Celso determines victory for Tottenham (Photo source: Internet)

Lo Celso determines victory for Tottenham

By minute 71, Spurs proved a level of superiority. Ndombele cuts the ball very well in the middle of the field, bringing the ball to Kane's feet, Kane smoking smoothly to Lo Celso tape down the glossy glow for spurs.

The remaining minutes witnessed Spurs playing through the target when finished. 89 minutes, Kane missed a pretty chance to go on her own goal, when the bandage received the line to head the tactics of Son, but controlled the failure in the penalty area and couldn't finish it like Italy.

Lower direct opponents, Tottenham closed the Europa League group in the top of the table, than Antwerp 1 point.

General: Tottenham 2-0 Antwerp (1: 0-0)


Tottenham: Vinicius 57 ', Lo Celso 71'


Tottenham: Joe Hart, Doherty, Tanganga, Sanchez, Davies, Reguilon, Winks, Lo Celso, Moura, Bale, Vinicius.

Antwerp: Beiranvand, Buta, Seck, Gelin, Batubinsika, Lukaku, Haroun, Hongla, Benson, Refaelov, Benavente.

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