Premiership always famous as "oven blender coach" the most severe in Europe, so many strategists have felt the heat on his neck made just 2 opening round of the season 2020/21. Recently, a reputation the published list for the coach are more at risk "flying chair" the tournament. Topping the list is David Moyes with 2/1 odds.

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David Moyes (West Ham) is manager risk "flying chair" the greatest Premiership 2020/21 (Image Source: Internet)

David Moyes (West Ham) is manager risk "flying chair" the greatest Premier League 2020/21

Just along Tottenham victory, Mourinho is still in dangerous situation

Whatever force is strong ownership, West Ham have already lost two matches (0-2 against Newcastle United 1-2 Arsenal). If the team continues to maintain its high disappointing, very hard to former MU head coach until the end of the period at the turn.

Apart from David Moyes, Scott Parker (Fulham, odds 5/1), Slaven Bilic (West Brom, 8/1) or Seve Bruce (Newcastle, 12/1) are "candidates" heavyweight by leading the team The ball is not appreciated.

The most surprising name on this list is Jose Mourinho - stood at No. 3. After the defeat in their opening game, Tottenham due to "special" outstanding lead Southampton thrashed 5-2 in Round 2 thanks impressive performance of the duo Son Heung-Min - Harry Kane. Still, pressure for Mourinho's achievement is still very large, especially after Tottenham adding notable signings such as Gareth Bale, Sergio Reguilon.

Strategist remaining 14 can be considered as being safe. Still, the new English Premiership passed 2 rounds and Ole Gunnar Solskjær (Manchester United), Chris Wilder (Sheffield United) can not be assured after the military disappointing display with the managing team.