Chelsea stir Summer Fair

In the summer 2020 transfer window, the big guns as Manchester United, Arsenal just buy 1-2 rookie, the other team even without the additional, but Chelsea have recruited half the squad. And most of them are face quality and expensive.

Chelsea squad unveiled super expensive (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea super expensive lineup unveiled

Financial transfer negotiations with superb, CEO Marina Granovskaia helped Chelsea return to the position of market giants in the summer session.

Until the present time, the team at Stamford Bridge has successfully implemented a lot of business, "Blockbuster", which has three names most expensive Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Ben Chilwell total value falls between 183 million euros.

There are many reasons that explain why Chelsea spent most violent team this time. The first is that after a year been banned transfer, can see "The Blues" are the purse quite vibrate through amount accumulated.

Add another reason, Chelsea are making a profit from the deal or Álvaro Morata Eden Hazard before. And on the other hand, this could be the last year they offset can not add people.

Obviously the work transfer time doing Chelsea fans rejoiced. They do not regret the money to bring about big stars to serve Frank Lampard. Expected more names again landed Stamford Bridge to serve ambition back Premier League throne of blue half of London.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal stalking hunt "blockbuster"

No frantic as Premier League runners-up Chelsea but City remain silent operation is quite effective so far. Man City have spent 78.8 million euros to bring about some notable names including Ferran Torres (Valencia), Nathan Ake (Bournemouth) ...

The fans still waiting for Sancho turned "Reds"

In the next few days, the team of Pep Guardiola could bring about Kalidou midfielder Napoli Koulibaly being priced 80 million euros. In a separate incident, a neighbor waiting until MU also reached agreement with Sancho recruited Jadon hyperbolous price 118 million euros.

According to experts speculated, other teams like Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal will spend heavily than in the rest of the summer transfer market to 2020. Among them, although Gareth Bale deal may value transfer high no or only a loan deal from Real to Tottenham but still deserve a "blockbuster" carries symbolic meaning in the Premier League this season.

The deal "blockbuster" (over 50 million euros) official and is expected to explode in the 2020 summer transfer window Premiership (as of 17/9):