Premier League 2019/20 ended and the last of the day 27/7 transfer market opened. Market will last until 10.05.2020 and after that date, the club will only be transferred urgently to a goalkeeper on loan if a man short.

Premier League 2019/20 ending emotional but also the transfer market will start immediately (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League 2019/20 emotional end but the transfer market will also launch soon

The big clubs have prepared fact shopping is a time and will welcome some rookie team right from the moment due finalized a deal before. Chelsea have picked up the most prominent when Hakim Ziyech & Timo Werner joined, but they have not stopped and the teams will not let "The Blues" buy military freedom.

Here are 5 for "blockbuster" The most notable potentially "explosive" in the summer 2020 market of the Premier League.

Jadon Sancho (Dortmund -> MU)

MU has pursued the star winger Dortmund British Jadon Sancho was a summer time and this is the decisive moment. Sancho is said to have agreed to take the opportunity to reclaim the Premier League if MU held out, but now the problem will be the price get two clubs agreed.

Jadon Sancho waiting MU reached agreement with Dortmund (Image Source: Internet)

Jadon Sancho waiting MU reached agreement with Dortmund

According to German media, Dortmund would not discount for United in any form, whether Covid-19 services are affecting the purchasing power of the club. Dortmund claim the 120 million euro price, so when Manchester United appear to amount to 98 million euros, they have always denied. Let's wait to see if Manchester United can successfully bargain, accept pay the prices or give up.

Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen -> Chelsea)

The source close to Chelsea and mastering world about football transfer news Chelsea have approached Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen in the last month. Havertz, only 20 years old, has become a bright star of German football and is considered potentially become a candidate for the Golden Ball in the future.

Through the latest information, Havertz already agreed personal terms with Chelsea and just waiting for negotiations between Leverkusen and Chelsea. West London club want to do this but they were quickly put out their ceiling price of 80 million euros, inclusive bonus fees. Let's wait to see if Leverkusen have it as an acceptable fee.

Chelsea are the team to seriously pursue the most Havertz (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea are the team to seriously pursue the most Havertz

Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona -> Arsenal)

Reporters in Barcelona has said to the season has ended, Barcelona accelerate the selected venues next season's Philippe Coutinho because they will not have room for him at the Nou Camp. Ability to return to the Premier League of Coutinho is quite high because not many teams in different tournaments and fees paid enough to have loaned Coutinho.

Tottenham, Leicester City and Arsenal are three teams that still pursuing Coutinho, and recently appeared information that Coutinho is likely most will choose Arsenal. Coutinho was originally thought to be unhappy with having to reduce wages, but he is now asking for more time to think and a nod of Coutinho will be enough for Arsenal.

Thiago (Bayern Munich -> Liverpool)

In recent weeks has sparked rumors will leave Bayern Munich Thiago Alcantara and he refused to extend the contract until this time proved the Spanish players Brazilian thought of parting "Bayern". Thiago class is still very large, you can rate off the ball well pressing the 3rd exit Europe last season and will be an extremely dangerous weapon for any team owner.

Thiago will be out of contract at Bayern but Liverpool are tight economic (Image Source: Internet)

Thiago will be out of contract at Bayern but Liverpool are tight economy

This season Liverpool were champions but they still additional forces and with limited budgets, "Kop" will not shake off with a free transfer service at no charge as of Thiago.

Ferran Torres (Valencia -> Man City)

Leroy Sane led the team to leave Manchester City Premier League runners-up have to step into a hunt for a new winger, and it seems they will not take a long time for this. Pep Guardiola personally watched Ferran Torres was a time, a player with frightening speed and the ability to select locations scored very keen to come with breakthrough techniques go ball.

Right in the news yesterday with Manchester City reached an agreement with Torres individuals. Valencia are confused when they are prepared to sell the club and City are admitted how "cloudy water" to get a relatively cheap transfer but very quality.