Arsenal won the FA Cup 2019/20 championship after a 2-1 win over Chelsea in the final. Although soon lead but teachers and students Arteta played very trying and captain Aubameyang has scored twice to help "the Gunners' final win.

Arsenal won the FA Cup championship 2019/20 (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal won the FA Cup championship 2019/20

This is the first title of Mikel Arteta at Arsenal since assumed the head coach. Spanish teacher who has worked hard to improve the gameplay as well as the spirit of the whole team. However, one fact is indisputable quality of the Arsenal squad is inferior to the rest of the Big 6 and Spanish teacher needs more recruits.

Recently, a series of newspapers such as ESPN, Independent simultaneously published shocking information transfer. It was Barcelona ready for the exchange injured Philippe Coutinho took Matteo Guendouzi and just add ... 9m. This may be regarded as "a joke of someone" because two years ago, the land of Catalunya team to spend 105 million pounds to welcome Brazilian midfielder Nou Camp.

However, the reality is possibility the deal is happening is very high. First, the style of Coutinho has declined a lot compared to two years ago. Even when switched to play for Bayern Munich, who also can not be retrieved as the inspiration to play in the Premier League.

Coutinho will join Arsenal this summer right? (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho will join Arsenal this summer right?

Besides, the Brazilian midfielder has nearly 30 years should the transfer value is almost only down, not up. Currently, players Transfermarkt priced at around 50 million pounds, half as compared to the past. However, it has yet to make Barcelona "dim price" Coutinho so.

Cause still lies in the strategic development of Origin team Catalunya. Barca are having financial problems due to translation Covid-19 but they still want to blood formation. Therefore, plans for horizontal change is an additional cost this team is looking forward to. Recent examples are the Pjanic Arthur to Juventus to go in the opposite direction is the typical example.

In reverse, Guendouzi the brightest young talent Arsenal. However, the Frenchman again each "stick phosphate" and unpopular coach Arteta. Therefore, the "Gunners" quickly agreed to the deal and it's no wonder. Currently, the only problems is probably Coutinho salary. However, this problem will be solved when the extortion Mesut Arsenal this summer.