Some of Calvert Lewin goal in the season 2020/21

Premier League 2020/21 are starting with much surprise. The big guns as Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United are the humiliating defeat that few people think. After the first four rounds, Everton and Aston Villa ... are the two teams left in the league triumph, something few people think about well before the season started.

Top 10 best striker in Europe: Bewildered 1, Kane - Son Heung-Min must respect
Top 10 players scored more goals in 5 leading European league to the present time (Image Source: Internet)

Top 10 players scored more goals in 5 leading European league to the present time

In fact, this is not only happening in the Premier League. European champions Bayern Munich are fourth in the Bundesliga and had a forgettable defeat with the score 1-4 before Hoffenheim. This shows that the end of the season how influential late.

Therefore, the top European striker like Ronaldo, Messi or not top the list Lewandowski scored the most probably is not a surprise. According to recent statistics from The Sun, who scored the highest in Europe (as in all arenas) is Dominic Calvert Lewin Everton.

The England striker has 9 goals in just six appearances for "The Toffees", notably of these is 6 times up in the Premier League, almost one half times up last season ( 13 times). To get this achievement, England striker has two hat-trick, one in English and one in the Premier League Cup.

Calvert Lewin scoring ability ownership diversity

Calvert Lewin's strengths lie not only in the finish or face but also in the header. Recently, the striker also admitted that he enjoyed in the 5m50 presence of competitors to perform the combat phase. Also need to add that the arrival of James Rodriguez helped Calvert Lewin many more scoring opportunities.

Couple striker Harry Kane (8 goals) and Son Heung-Min (7 goals), respectively ranked second and third in this list. This news could not be better for Tottenham fans especially when they welcome the return of Gareth Bale. Hoffenheim striker Andrej Kramaric's surprise overall ratings position with Harry Kane.

The other notable scorer Lewandowski, Haaland, Salah or Vardy are only 5 goals. Messi and Ronaldo not even in the top 10 best striker in Europe at present.

All just the beginning, and whether the current top scorer has kept his best form is still the big question. Besides, the other scrumptious striker ahead once "warm up". Therefore, this season is still very much worth looking forward in front.