Bundesliga, La Liga is back. The same thing with the upcoming English Premier League and Serie A. Only last Ligue 1 Eredivisie Dutch league is to decide to cancel the tournament, though so far look back, it seems hasty decisions .

Today UEFA Cup meeting C1 latch and Europa League: Manchester United, Barca breathless
Today, the UEFA meeting to make plans for the end of the Champions League and Europa League (Image Source: Internet)

Today, the UEFA meeting to make plans for the end of the Champions League and Europa League

The league members most were back playing the rest of the season. This forced European federation must calculate how to finish 2 tournament Champions League and Europa League. And that is a prerequisite for an important meeting, expected later today (now Vietnam) - 17/6, at UEFA headquarters in Nyon's (Switzerland).

Islam last April, UEFA's meetings are scheduled season will end with the Champions League final in Istanbul (Turkey) on 29/8, with the Europa League final was held on the field ENERGA Gdansk (Poland) 3 days earlier. Currently there are two different plans to complete both tournaments are being considered.

According to the Daily Mail, one proposal is to organize the match Champions League knockout rest as usual. Quarterfinals will be held in July, while the semi-finals will take place on May 8. The issue is whether organized trips and about? This will be the question that UEFA have to make a final judgment today.

Option 2, UEFA is considering a minor league organization at the end of the season. These matches will only be 1 round and potentially take place in a week. This is the same procedure with the World Cup or EURO period.

Marca sources revealed, after two months of discussions, UEFA is in favor of the plan "mini tour" called the Final Eight. The team will focus in Portugal to complete the Champions League this season, because many places in Europe remains limited travel, including the city of Istanbul.

Specifically, Final Eight will be held within 12 days in the capital of Portugal Lisbon. In particular, the quarter-finals will take place from 12 to 15/8, the semi-finals in 2 days 18 and 19/8 while the finals will be on 23/8. The matches will be held under the formula 1 match knockout instead of leg - turns on as before.

Location, 2 Stadium Estadio da Luz was chosen as the Estadio Jose Alvalade and. According to the plan, this time 4 the Champions League return leg of 1/8 and will be held in Portugal to determine the remaining four names to the quarterfinals with PSG, RB Leipzig, Atalanta and Atletico Madrid. Subsequently, UEFA will conduct play the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals are in Lisbon.

Today UEFA Cup meeting C1 latch and Europa League: Manchester United, Barca breathless
The big team monitored the meeting of UEFA (Image Source: Internet)

The big teams tracking UEFA meeting

UEFA plans to help season ends exactly as planned, prepared for the new season 2020/21, but also cut 6 game, making significant financial losses of UEFA. But the financial loss is unforeseen in an unprecedented season as existing precedent.

Many people are waiting on the owl's last-minute change of European federation. Current plans on the pitch not the audience is much larger tournament adoption and success. UEFA is understood to be open for changes that may occur if the public health conditions in Portugal allows.

Besides planning for the Champions League, Europa League and are playing similar institutions in Germany, but took place earlier than the date of 10/8. The matches in the Europa League will take place in the city of Duisburg, Duesseldorf, Gelsenkirchen and Cologne.