At 8:30 GMT the day 17/3, the Court of International Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will announce the ruling on appeal ban for European project 2 years Man City. As is known, on February, Etiahd field team suddenly UEFA (UEFA) punished by the signs violate the Law on financial equity in the period 2012-2016.

Today Man City appeal the results: MU does dramatic battlefield C1 tickets?
Man City suspense appeal ruling on ban for European Project 2 years on Monday 13/7 (Image Source: Internet)

Man City suspense appeal ruling on ban for European Project 2 years on Tuesday 13/7

Not available with this penalty, Manchester City decided to file a complaint to the Court of International Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the hope of at least reduced sentence. Due to the impact of the pandemic Covid-19, the investigation must last longer than usual instead of ending in May.

According to former BBC reporter Ian Cheeseman, likely "green half Manchester" would be acquitted in the case. However this is not the official source, so teachers and students can not celebrate hurry Pep Guardiola until final judgment is given.

Ironically, Manchester City are facing the opportunity Champions League this season when the knock-out round, beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the first leg within 1/8. If this scenario occurs, make sure UEFA would face a conundrum when the Champions League is not the tournament.

Worst case, Man City banned for European, 5th place synonymous Premiership will be speeding up the replacement and that is good news for the team is competing in the top 4 performance.

Out race for Champions League tickets extremely dramatic place with the presence of Manchester United, Chelsea Leicester. "Reds" ranked No. 5 (58 points), two teams ranked poorly on turns 1 and 2 but less than 1 ball rocks. If beat Southampton tonight, they will take over 3rd place.

With impressive performance (17 games unbeaten) and schedule the most gentle among the candidates top 4, teachers Solskjaer completely enough to win a ticket to the Champions League next season without waiting for "neighbor" Man City sa.