Born in Brazil in 1986, Elton Jose Xavier Gomes started his career at the club to play for Corinthians in his homeland, the same time as the star Argentine striker Carlos Tevez and Jo - the latter both played for Manchester City. This year only 34 years old but Elton correct 1m54 high, with the average height of a grade 2 students.

The world's shortest player is compared to Maradona who?
Elton Jose Xavier Gomes (white shirt) was compared with Maradona (Image Source: Internet)

Elton Jose Xavier Gomes (white shirt) was compared to Maradona

Truth to Elton early but with talent and extraordinary willpower, he'd leap into a Corinthians team, helping the club to Serie A champions Brazil in 2005 while still in their teens. Meanwhile, the press immediately for Elton Brazil is Brazil's Maradona, and called him by the nickname "Elton Maradinha". "I'm glad to be nicknamed as such. It does not make me flinch, which motivated me to move on," UOL Esporte Elton shared with.

The reason for such comparisons because Maradona is a form of modest players in height. He was only about 165cm tall and with dark bodybuilding, legendary Argentinean looks increasingly shorter. Elton quite similar to Maradona's stature with long black curly hair, ran exactly the same way. At times, the Brazilian press also compare Elton height of just over Australian singer, Kylie Minogue (height 1.52 m) to ridicule him.

After the success in Brazil, Elton find opportunities to Europe in 21 years. Steaua Bucharest of Romania Club is the first stop of this player. Although not get many by bodybuilding too different from European players which tall, but Elton is still the fans voted into the PFA Team of Steaua in a decade in 2009, though only the courts 8 games.

Together in 2007, started to push fate Elton, causing him constantly to move back and forth between Brazil and West Asia - Middle East to move to 9 different clubs. The most successful of which must mention the 5-year period (2011-2016) played for the club Al-Fateh in Saudi Arabia.

This time in the match Elton booming and the best in his career, when he scored 48 goals in 121 total games. Arab fans called him from "Elton Maradinha" to "Elton Arabia" to for the "magic" magical feet from the small players generate. The consecutive championship making him become a legend of the club. The fans have started buying clothes and the wig to wear to be the same idol.

Also during this time, Elton nearly bit more to jail when accidentally took a picture with a somewhat intimate female fans. "I do not know what happened, when the police to his house and handcuffed me. Fortunately, I was called to be the club president to the rescue. They explained that I was photographed with women and violated the ban ".

Al-Fateh broke up in 2016, Elton remained in Saudi Arabia to continue playing. He is currently the club Al-Wehda jacket, bearing the number 99 shirt and Saudi Arabia is considered second home. Whether in the twilight of his career but Elton still bring very special emotions for the fans in Saudi Arabia, and most likely will end his career here.