The match went into world football history between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete in the framework of the 2nd Bundesliga Spain will take place half of the remaining half (45 minutes) at dawn on 11/6, after being stopped midway on in December last year.

The world's most simple game in Spain takes place tonight, just a 45-minute rock
The match between the two teams in 12 years last month (Image Source: Internet)

The match between the two teams in 12 years last month

With the Division 2 Spain back this week, Rayo Vallecano and Albacete will rock pitches 2nd half of this match on the field Vallecas not spectators. Thus, this is a match is abandoned in the longest time world football history, when the suspension period between the two half was up to 6 months.

1st half of the game between the two sides on the day 15/12/2019 end without any party goal. The match was stopped after fans booed Rayo striker Roman Zozulya of Albacete Ukraine, said that this brother who according to Nazism and join a political group underground at home.

Rayo Zozulya who joined in 2017 and then had to leave this team that does not match up with stones, when the fans Rayo outcry for the reason they disliked the political problems in Ukraine.

That was the first time the Spanish football has a game to stop midway because the reaction of fans. This game was originally scheduled to kick in February, but did not take place because of the impact of the pandemic Covid-19.

This is considered a match is abandoned during the longest history of world football, beating a strong candidate in other games in the National Cup Scotland between Airdrie and Stranraer been postponed 33 times during the period 1 month because of problems related to the weather in 1963.

After the game, the graphic equalizer on Friday, 4 other matches in Division 2 Spain will take place. Albacete is in the fight against relegation when the 11 round again, just outside the danger area thanks to better goal difference. Meanwhile, Rayo with 5 points more than is ranked 11th.

In another development, La Liga is also scheduled to start this weekend again, starting with the derby between Sevilla and Betis match at dawn on Friday.