Harry Maguire is to deal with the consequences after scuffle in Greece led to acts against the local police of the English midfielder and was remanded in custody for 2 days. Now been released on bail, Maguire has returned to England, but will face more problems ahead.

The risk of
Maguire was detained at the police Greece (Image Source: Internet)

Maguire was detained at the police Greece

Maguire and her friends to clashes with law enforcement officers have all the media clamor local and British media because he is a head of state and is recruited kick for Manchester United. Maguire can pay a fine and receive a suspended sentence, but there are other penalties awaited him.

Sky Sports said Gareth Southgate the coach will soon have a meeting with Maguire midfielder to request a thorough explanation of the incident. Southgate is planning for the upcoming matches in League Nations but Maguire would make his case to consider whether or not to convene this player.

But besides Maguire also face another problem at MU. He was awarded the captaincy of confidence in his first season at Old Trafford but the match as captain now he is being questioned. Many people believe that Maguire is not wrong to protect relatives but attacking police was not necessary, whether there are debates about whether the plainclothes police have led to misunderstandings.

The risk of
Fans urged Fernandes to replace Maguire captain MU (Image Source: Internet)

Fans urged Fernandes to replace Maguire captain MU

Social had calls from fans that should not continue delivery MU captain Harry Maguire. They said that if proven guilty Maguire then this would be a stain on PR for the club and the role of captain should be transferred immediately to another person more worthy. And a lot of them want is Bruno Fernandes was the replacement.

Fernandes former coach at Udinese while rock is Andrea Stramaccioni has also expressed the view that his former captain would be a good for United. "Bruno is a good person, hardworking, optimistic. When he was at Udinese him very hard and always take the time to learn and progress. With a player influential was love from the fans, teammates respected and even even rivals he admired the captain enough, "he said.

Manchester United fans on Twitter a proposal Bruno captain, vice-captain Pogba

As for the fans, the comment that if not given to Fernandes, you can assign responsibilities to Pogba, De Gea's Matic or less players have tournament experience and seniority in the MU. The idea of ​​some fans will captain Fernandes also made vice-captain Pogba from Manchester United next season.