Ronaldo replaced Mbappe at PSG?

Kylian Mbappe still not signed a contract extension with the team managing PSG. All of them know that this young superstar days left France following the call of Real Madrid splash not far off. And PSG itself should be prepared for the separation of this was foretold.

If lost Mbappe (left), PSG owners want to have Ronaldo replaced (Image Source: Internet)

If lost Mbappe (left), PSG owners want to have Ronaldo replaced

According to Goal, leaders PSG are targeting big superstar the world's most modern football - Cristiano Ronaldo, to replace the departure of Kylian Mbappe. Thanks pandemic Covid-19, CR7's ambition to recruit champions France have a higher likelihood of success.

Twitter Goal quoted Chairman of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "Year after year, Cristiano Ronaldo showed a determination amazing willpower extraordinary. Every day, he self-improvement and completion push your limits to new heights. I really admire her relentless willpower. "

That is the most obvious sign of the possibility PSG recruit Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the source, affinity between CR7 with Juventus might end after the season 2019/20. "Old Lady" appears to be a green light to find a new club Ronaldo, thereby saving hyperbolous salary 31 million euros / season.

In addition, Juventus is said to also want to remove the gauze back investments worth 105 million euros were used to recruit Ronaldo from Real Madrid CR7 summer 2018 was 35 years old. If Juventus does not quickly sell the Portuguese player, they may lose a few dozen million euros white after only 2 years.

High-handed move by CR7

Personality and ambition to conquer the 6th Golden Ball, Ronaldo was not considering leaving football peak in Europe. Increasingly difficult to support the old story CR7 in the MLS, in China, Qatar or somewhere outside the top five European leagues (England, Italy, Spain, France and Germany).

Twitter Goal quoted President Al-Khelaifi about Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Twitter Goal quoted President Al-Khelaifi about Ronaldo

The same source reported by Goal, PSG entirely possible that next pit stop and also the last in the career of Ronaldo. In fact, PSG has long owned crave the Portuguese superstar. However, until now, this capability really clear.

Ronaldo attractive from players appraised brand value highest in the world football. Besides, the PSG squad this time no player has ever touched the Golden Ball trophy. For his part, Ronaldo 5 Golden Ball, promising to bring the festive atmosphere for fans of Paris bigger Neymar summer time in 2017.

Come to PSG, "retirement" in a tournament with lower quality as Ligue 1 is the perfect plan for players 35 years old Portuguese. PSG external reality, hardly any other team pay terrible wages for Ronaldo as Juventus are enjoying now.

Cristiano Ronaldo's second season at Juventus failed expectations of the Portuguese superstar. In the assessment of CR7, "Old Lady" may be the landing place help him conquer the Champions League as well as the Golden Ball. But that is very unlikely. So, Juventus and Ronaldo parting moment is a reasonable decision.

In addition, this is also considered a wise business deal PSG. They need a player like Ronaldo to raise his stature to a new chapter. Just look Ronaldo revival Serie A, warming names for Juventus, employers PSG even aspire player owns 5 Golden Ball, with Messi's two superstars most outstanding of the football world contemporary.